Remote Patient Monitoring

Technology that lets healthcare providers monitor patients outside of conventional clinical settings which may increase patients' access to care and decrease costs.

Why remotely monitor patients?

Remote patient monitoring of those with chronic diseases can dramatically improve an individual’s quality of life. Remote patient monitoring allows patients to maintain independence, reduce the number of times they visit their healthcare provider in-clinic, prevent complications and minimize personal costs. In addition to alleviating the burden for patients with chronic diseases, remote patient monitoring can also make it easier for care teams to track, manage and engage with patients who need extensive and continuous care.

Remote patient monitoring in the diabetes world.

While thousands of individuals and companies have created health-related apps focused on general health, exercise, wellness and diet, healthcare apps are often used sporadically or not at all after a period of time. Healthcare apps that get the most usage lean towards having a clinical component, where data and communication capabilities are directly integrated into the clinic workflow. When these apps are dedicated and revised to improve specific chronic diseases, they can impact the state of chronic disease, which is where 75% of all healthcare costs reside. Apps that are FDA-regulated go a step further – integrating with FDA-cleared devices and providing insights based on patient reactions to pharmaceuticals. They can also play a role in providing insights and at times advice to patients.

The most sophisticated apps take into account both the patient and provider experience and in turn, provide relevant and actionable insights. These types of apps fit into the ecosystem of the chronic disease. For the patient, they integrate with existing platforms and other complementary apps and devices that are used to manage chronic disease. For healthcare providers, they integrate directly into their health system workflow.

Glooko for remote patient monitoring.

Monitor Pop Tracker v2

Glooko enables timely care delivery to patients and health plan members with diabetes. Glooko’s Population Health Management application enables healthcare providers to track, manage and engage with their diabetes patients from afar, without those patients needing to engage face-to-face. Through the power of the mobile cloud, care teams can remotely access everything from patient blood glucose data to how their carb intake, medications and exercise correlate to their blood glucose fluctuations. Additionally, they can see this data on an individual or population-level, with flags that risk-stratify patients with an affinity toward hyper or hypoglycemia patterns. With this data, healthcare providers gain insights to help them determine what type of treatments, such as medication, diet and exercise, they should recommend to a patient based on their diabetes-relevant data.