Make Your Diabetes Management Easier

Glooko allows you to download your diabetes device data to your iOS or Android device, integrate food & lifestyle data, and share reports with your care team.

Effortlessly sync your meter, pump and cgm.

Using Glooko's MeterSync technology, you can download diabetes data from 50+ popular meters, insulin pumps and CGMs directly to compatible iOS and Android devices. In just a few short steps, you can track your blood glucose and insulin data next to exercise, diet and more.

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Enter insulin, medications, and food easily.

Glooko's insulin and medication database is tailored for people with diabetes and remembers your previous entries if you're on a routine therapy regimen. With over 200,000+ food items in our database, you can choose from popular restaurants and food items to track your carb intake. Carb intake and insulin dosage is chronologically associated with blood glucose data for better pattern recognition.

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Integrate lifestyle data that matters to you.

Glooko’s integration with popular health and fitness apps including Fitbit, Moves, iHealth and Strava, automatically adds activity/exercise, blood pressure and weight data while you’re on the go. Integrated data is included in the standardized reports for a holistic view of your diabetes management and overall health.

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Improve your ability to make decisions.

Glooko unifies all of your diabetes data and gives you and your care team the insights needed to make key decisions. Use the Glooko mobile app and the MyGlooko™ web app to understand how carb intake, activity and medications affect your average blood glucose levels and gain quick access to the information you need to make decisions about what you should do today.

Glooko Personal Advisor gives you information on your glucose patterns, including your 'Best Day' and the 'Time of Day' when your glucose trends high or low, so you can understand where you are doing well and where you may need more support or attention.

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We’ll remember for you.

Forget to take your medicine, check your blood sugar or eat a snack? Life gets busy and days can pass you by. With Glooko, you can set reminders for the important activities you often (and we all) forget. Reminders can recur for a specific time of day or day of the week. A quick reminder pops-up on your phone and just as easily records your actions in the Glooko digital logbook.

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Share your data with your care team.

Glooko allows you to email, print, or fax standardized reports to your care team. Reports include blood glucose averages, stats and graphs, and the traditional glucose logbook that includes food and insulin data. No more keeping written logs or calling in to record what you’ve done - with one click, your care team will have your data. And with your permission, your care team can also sign-up for online access to your Glooko information.

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