Our mission is to improve health outcomes by connecting people with diabetes and their health care professionals, enabling telehealth, clinical research and improved collaboration.


Simplify Collaboration


Sync data to your iOS or Android smartphone.


Share data with your care team.


Get personalized insights to improve diabetes management.

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Sync data from your diabetes devices and share with your care team for confident decisions about your diabetes.

I'm interested in

Get actionable insights at the patient and population level, to enable effective treatment decisions.

We are interested in a person-centered approach for diabetes management:

We sync with 95% of all diabetes devices, delivering trusted data, in a simple and usable platform

Compatible Diabetes Devices

The Glooko Mobile App is free* for all people with diabetes!

Download it today!

*one-time hardware costs may apply.

Glooko Improves Outcomes

People with diabetes that are remotely monitored using the Glooko Mobile App experience the following

Decreased Average BG*

  • 14.4% at 3 months
  • 15.4 after 6 months
  • 19.2 after one year

Increased In Range BG*

  • 17% at 3 months
  • 18% after 6 months
  • 23.7% after one year

Decreased Hyperglycemia*

  • 11.4% at 3 months
  • 13.5% after 6 months
  • 15.1% after one year

*Data on file

Leading health systems worldwide use Glooko

Glooko is used by health systems around the world to help their patient populations achieve better outcomes

Sharp Rees-Stealy uses Glooko to help diabetes patients achieve better outcomes

15 mg/dL improvement in average blood glucose

2x increase in blood glucose testing frequency

Read full case study

Atrius Health integrated Glooko with their EHR to remotely monitor pregnant patients with diabetes

86% of providers satisfied with Glooko

2x increase in blood glucose testing frequency

Read full case study

What our users say

[Glooko] allows me to see my blood sugar and insulin data...in one place. I’m able to see my trends and really evaluate how well I’m doing with my diabetes care routine. [Using Glooko has] helped me to stay in better control.

Sondra M.


I love [Glooko] since it allows me to carb count more easily. I save my favorite foods so I can access it from the food database...now, I’m able to see at a glance not only what I’m eating, but also my insulin.

Steven A.


We love that Glooko brings all the data from [Aspen’s] Dexcom and Omnipod System together in one place and we can look at the info together and clearly see what areas might be trouble areas. And we love the way it makes it so much easier for us and her medical team to be on the same page.

Parents of Aspen D.


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