How I use the New Glooko App as a Person with Type 1 Diabetes!

A lot has changed since I joined Glooko nearly two years ago. Back then we only supported blood glucose meters and our mobile platform was optimized for those devices. Today Glooko supports insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems, Bluetooth meters have become the new norm, and we are entering the age where insulin delivery  Continue Reading »

My Path to Working at Glooko

I was not a healthy child. Many of my early memories are of visits to the local hospital and frustrated parents. Although I was not diabetic, I suffered from another chronic disease: asthma. This greatly affected my childhood. I couldn’t be around furry animals so we could no longer keep the family dog. I couldn’t  Continue Reading »

Glooko Mobile App 4.0: Better Insight into your Diabetes Trends

Trying to figure out your diabetes trends and patterns is hard. Based on feedback from our users and with the goal of making diabetes management easier, we are so excited to launch a redesigned version of the Glooko Mobile App with pattern recognition features that will tell you what time of day you frequently go  Continue Reading »

Not 1… Not 2… but 6 OneTouch Meters on Glooko Kiosk!

The OneTouch Verio® IQ helps people with diabetes understand how their insulin, meal intake and lifestyle affect their blood glucose (BG) levels. With onscreen color-coded messages and ColorSure™ technology, the OneTouch Verio® IQ tells users when they have repeated highs and lows so they can make diabetes care adjustments that work for them. The colorful  Continue Reading »

The Glooko and Diasend Integration

It’s been a few months since Glooko and Diasend announced our merger and since then, we’ve been hard at work combining the two companies, our products, teams and processes!  Here’s an update on our progress so far. Product.  It made a lot of sense for Glooko and Diasend to come together, since our respective products  Continue Reading »

A Partnership Made for People with Diabetes

Today (1/9/2017) we announced a formal (non-exclusive) relationship with Novo Nordisk. Over the last few years Glooko and Novo have been talking about the things we could do together to go “beyond the pill” to enable people with diabetes (PWD) with the information they need to stay adherent to their care plan, take their insulin and  Continue Reading »

Top 5 Predictions for Mobile Health in 2017

With lots of unknowns in healthcare and government, this year is going to be interesting. Based on what we’ve been seeing and experiencing at Glooko, we think the following five are the big trends for mobile health in 2017. More people than ever will use mHealth for chronic disease management Our user growth in 2016  Continue Reading »

Glooko + Diasend: Merging Customer Success!

I was walking in downtown Chicago on Michigan Avenue in negative 20 degree weather a few weeks ago on my way to a Glooko office – Glooko now has a Chicago office due to our merger with Diasend! It’s been a little over three months since we announced our merger. Our new company has been  Continue Reading »

What “Consumer-Centered” Means at Glooko

As a marketer, being consumer-centered is fundamental because it means knowing and creating for your audience.  Marketers do this is by understanding the insights and needs of the consumer through various “listening” posts and then building products, messaging and campaigns based on that understanding. At Glooko, we have several different groups of consumers that we  Continue Reading »

Top 5 Things You Can Do To Get a Good Job Reference

Lately I’ve been asked to give job references to many people I have formerly worked with. I don’t always accept the request, because if I give a reference I want to make sure it is great. Trusted personal and professional references are key to getting the next job or even the next apartment. Below are  Continue Reading »


Overview There’s a new trend shaping up in the drug pricing landscape.  Health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are pursuing value-based or “pay-for-performance” (P4P) contracts with drug makers to better connect patient outcomes to drugs for costly diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.  Unlike traditional volume-based drug pricing models, paying for “performance” means  Continue Reading »

Meet the Dale Tribe!

World Diabetes Day is always a reminder to recognize the strength and perseverance of people with diabetes (and the people who care for them!).  This year, Glooko is proud to sponsor a video about a day in the life of someone with diabetes with the Dale Tribe!  The Dales are a family of six and  Continue Reading »

Trends, Insights and Revelations: Presenting the Annual Diabetes Data Report 2016

Following our merger with Diasend, we now have a joint database containing more than four billion diabetes data points! – which is a luxury for anyone interested in diving into trends and statistics. Diasend released their very first annual data benchmark review last year, and this Report continues with more data and more insights for  Continue Reading »

Omnipod® System and iOS Devices

Six years ago, I started on an Omnipod® System. The world was a drastically different place then, in regards to “mobile technology”: At the time, I had successfully obtained a Blackberry smartphone. I was under the impression that I had the most cutting edge technology that would ever exist I thought the Blackberry Messenger Software  Continue Reading »

New Feature: Now Compatible with Verio Meters on Android!

The OneTouch® Verio® meters are easy to use and give you the information you need to stay on top of your diabetes. Specifically, the OneTouch® Verio® provides helpful information at a glance, including automatic messages that provide feedback on how you’re doing. The OneTouch® Verio Flex®, with it’s compact and slim design, fits comfortably in  Continue Reading »

Chatting with the Industry CDE of the Year: Roni Pagano

As a result of our recent merger with Diasend, we’re extremely excited to add incredible new members to the Glooko family. Roni Pagano, the East Coast Regional Territory Manager at Diasend, recently received the AADE Industry CDE of the Year Award and we couldn’t be more proud. I reached out to Roni to hear a  Continue Reading »

Perfecting My Lineups: Diabetes and Fantasy Football

The first Thursday night in September is one of my favorite nights of the year. Not only does football season begin, but the Glooko Fantasy Football league also kicked off! At Glooko, we have a fun– yet competitive– league of 14 active team members across several departments, including our CEO! The league has become a  Continue Reading »

Quest for the Artificial Pancreas

It is the closest thing to an artificial pancreas the diabetes community has ever seen and the first automated insulin system to be approved by the FDA: the Medtronic MiniMed 670G hybrid closed-loop system. Capable of automatically detecting and preventing dangerous high and low glucose levels, Medtronic’s new insulin system is being hailed as a  Continue Reading »

New Feature: Pump-Entered Blood Glucose Readings

The crowd has spoken and we have listened! We are proud to announce that Glooko users can now include pump-entered blood glucose (BG) readings in their Glooko statistics and data visualizations. *This feature is currently available on web only, but will be released for mobile in the coming months. Why did we decide to add  Continue Reading »

User-Centered Design Enabling Behavior Change

I am very proud to share that Glooko won the healthcare design award at Stanford Medicine X this year for our excellence in user-centered design for mobile and digital health. Although we co-design our products with physicians, certified diabetes educators, and caregivers, our mobile application is designed and developed to meet the needs of people  Continue Reading »

Insulet Provided Glooko: Answers to your Burning Questions!

If you haven’t already heard the good news, then I’m happy to share with you that Glooko is free to everyone who uses the Omnipod® Insulin Management System! The Glooko and Insulet partnership provides Omnipod® System users with the ability to see their insulin data alongside the glucose and lifestyle data coming from their CGM, glucose  Continue Reading »

Glooko and Diasend Join Forces to Make Diabetes Management Easier!

Today is a very exciting day for the Glooko team!  Today, at the EASD conference in Munich Germany, we announced our merger with Diasend (read our Press Release).  We are thrilled to be joining forces with Diasend.  When we started talking about our common missions to make it easier for people with diabetes and the teams  Continue Reading »

Artificial Sweeteners Part 2: Regulations

A few weeks ago, I explored the in-and-outs of Splenda and the artificial sweetener sucralose. If you missed it, you can read the full post here. In summary: Splenda raised my blood sugar (note: I don’t have diabetes ) Splenda is actually mixed with a considerable amount of sugar. After I posted Part 1, I got a lot of  Continue Reading »

Taking on Diabetes Management: Lessons Learned by the Glooko Interns

 At Glooko, we treat our interns like full time employees – immediately submerging them into the world of diabetes management by having them begin real-world projects. At the end of their internship, interns have completed projects that are actually launched.  This summer, we welcomed four new interns to our headquarters in downtown Mountain View, California.  Continue Reading »

Avoiding Diabetes Drama: Preparing for Day Trips and Holidays

Throwing on a rashguard, slipping into my ever slightly too tight bathing suit, my morning began with a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and the overwhelming fear of a bad sunburn. 8 hours. On a small boat with my father, brother and a group of strangers I’d only met the night before. It was only 6:30  Continue Reading »

How to Manage the Inevitable: Data Burnout

Diabetes is a condition of numbers– blood glucose, basal rates, carb counts, ratios, sliding scales, the list goes on. And even for an engineer, it is exhausting. A person without diabetes might think of diabetes exhaustion and simply think of it like a tiring day–drink a little coffee, turn some music on, open a window,  Continue Reading »

Top 5 Reasons Why Healthcare Payers Will Go More At Risk

In a recent blog about a new government extension to the Affordable Care Act, I touched on the impact that rewarding preventative care in between doctor visits can have for people with chronic diseases. While preventative care might be looked at as a costly new fee to add to the ever-growing cost of diabetes, the reality  Continue Reading »

Effective use of blood glucose readings for noninsulin treated patients with type 2 diabetes

A survey result from 7320 patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D), not on insulin, who monitored their blood sugar found that only 15.2% used their blood glucose readings to make adjustments to their medicine, diet or exercise. It also showed that their providers too did not review their blood glucose readings to optimize their treatment.  Continue Reading »

Artificial Sweeteners Aren’t Zero Calories

Part 1 Artificial sweeteners have become a staple of modern dining. We have a variety of diet sodas to choose from and little sweetener packets are available in every coffee house and diner. They’re so common that they’ve moved beyond our tables and into our stories: George Orwell used saccharin to symbolize the grey, artificial  Continue Reading »

Which Glucose Tabs Do People Like Best?

There is one particular Amazon purchase I’ve been making since the day I was diagnosed with diabetes, despite the lack of consumer reviews: glucose tablets. Glucose tablets are one of the recommended treatments of mild to moderate hypoglycemia. There are a number of cited benefits, including their rapid effect on blood glucose, easily customizable glucose  Continue Reading »

My Personal and Professional Passions Merge at Glooko

Nothing prepared me for the day my oldest son was diagnosed with Type I diabetes (T1D). It was 11 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. He had been sick with a fever for a few days when we went to see his pediatrician. We arrived at the doctor’s office in the  Continue Reading »

Why did we join Glooko?

As one of the newest hires at Glooko, I’ve spent the last week in Mountain View, CA learning about my role, Glooko as a company, and the general landscape of diabetes management. I’m both excited and proud to work at Glooko (remotely from Chicago), as a recent graduate from the University of Michigan biomedical engineering  Continue Reading »

Liberate Your Diabetes Data This 4th of July!

The 4th of July weekend is upon us, and as we go to our BBQs, watch fireworks and celebrate our freedoms, consider something else that should be liberated – your diabetes data!  If you have diabetes, you may be using one or more devices to help measure and manage your blood sugar levels.  If so,  Continue Reading »

3 Key Learnings from ADA 2016

It was exhilarating to attend the American Diabetes Association’s 76th Scientific Sessions with more than 18,000 participants from across the globe. My multi-disciplinary training allowed me to absorb and appreciate the broad range of information presented at this event. It was not easy to distill my top three takeaways from the myriad of presentations, but  Continue Reading »

Top Five Things People Want to Know About Glooko

The Glooko team just got back from the ADA Scientific Sessions – it was a great four days of learning what’s new in diabetes research, meeting with health care providers, diabetes advocates, industry partners, PWDs and others who are passionate about diabetes care, and of course, enjoying the food and hospitality of New Orleans! We  Continue Reading »

Announcing Glooko Advise

In a recent meeting that our team had with members of a large foundation that funds million of dollars of diabetes research and development, the leader of that organization said to us: “Artificial Pancreas and new pharmaceuticals to reduce reliance on constant insulin injections will take time…and WE CAN’T WAIT! We need to start to  Continue Reading »

Remote Patient Monitoring and Patient Privacy

Remote patient monitoring uses technology to monitor patients outside of conventional clinical settings – for example, a doctor assessing a skin rash on a patient via cell phone video and prescribing an ointment or a nurse calling a patient adjust a medication dose due to side effects.  Remote patient monitoring (sometimes called telemedicine or telehealth)  Continue Reading »

My Transition  to a CGM

The Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) industry started in the early 2000s with Medtronic and Dexcom both bringing CGMs to market. Each company has come out with new and improved versions throughout the years, each getting more accurate and obtaining exponentially more users. In 2013, I started using a Dexcom G4 CGM. I decided to get  Continue Reading »

Why We Are A Platform, Not Just an App

Glooko is designed to be a platform. We’ve got both an Android and an iOS mobile app. We’ve got a web app for Population Management. But we ARE a platform and a device agnostic solution. “A platform is a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies  Continue Reading »

Remote Patient Monitoring : A Tool to Improve Patient Adherence

Adherence to long term therapy is defined as the extent to which a person’s behavior – taking medication, following a diet, and/or physical activity plan, corresponds with recommendations agreed upon with their health care provider. 1  Adherence to self management and medication is low among people with type 2 diabetes (PWD). Self monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG)  Continue Reading »

Why I Joined Glooko

I’ve spent the last 9 years in various Marketing leadership roles in large (over 3,000) and small (under 30) healthcare technology companies. I’ve seen companies grow dramatically and even experienced a company that had to close its doors. Healthcare Tech is a passion for me. I wanted to take the BS degree I got from  Continue Reading »

NEW FEATURE: Sync OneTouch Verio Sync, Verio Flex and Set Meter Time

The keyword for the latest Glooko mobile update is automatic. Whether that’s syncing your favorite OneTouch® meter or setting your meter time, the latest Glooko release wants to help you spend less time collecting data and more time doing the things you want to do. Always Know your Glucose Level – Integration with OneTouch Verio® Flex and Verio® Sync   Continue Reading »

The Future of Healthcare is Here: CMS Launches Largest-Ever Multi-Payer Initiative

The US government did something monumental today. As an extension to the Affordable Care Act, they have put into place a new initiative that enables our doctors and health care teams to have the freedom to administer care in a way they think will deliver the best outcomes to you and me! You ask why  Continue Reading »

Diversity at Glooko

I joined Glooko last October. In the past six months we have hired five full time employees and two interns who are women from diverse professional backgrounds and age groups. When we think of diversity, we usually think of gender and ethnicity. However, diversity comes in different flavors such as age, professional and personal background, religious, and sexual orientation,  Continue Reading »

The Importance of Privacy and Data Ownership at Glooko

A person’s personal data belongs to them. Period. That is Glooko’s policy. It’s transparent and published online, all the time. Glooko users can give rights to their providers (clinicians, CDEs, nutritionists, family) to access their data and we make that process easy, but we are clear, it is the patient’s choice. The quantified self via  Continue Reading »

A New Way to View and Print Diabetes Data

What’s better than scanning your written diabetes notes or remotely emailing a huge Excel spreadsheet to your care team that takes minutes to download? Sharing your diabetes data in easy to read PDF reports, of course! At Glooko, we know how hard it is for people with diabetes and their care team to manage diabetes  Continue Reading »

The One Thing That Will Have the Biggest Impact on Healthcare

Billions of dollars are spent each year on research to find the cure for thousands of diseases. This research is important, but I often think that simple things that are easier to make happen without extensive research are often overlooked. Our current health system incents and promotes limited interactions with care. We are authorized for  Continue Reading »

Epic Integration

I was very excited to find out about Glooko and to get the opportunity to work here starting last year. Glooko offers a unified diabetes management platform, where we enable users to sync data from a variety of blood glucose meters, continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and insulin pumps, as well as popular fitness trackers. Once a person  Continue Reading »

Impacting Diabetes in Asia, One Person At A Time

She is a mom of two kids ages 12 and 8 and a loving wife. She is an HR Specialist who works 4 days a week, a special arrangement with a supportive boss. She watches her diet and plans to get an activity tracker soon. Her motto is “Take care of your diabetes, so you  Continue Reading »

Glooko’s Innovation Story at the Advanced Technologies and Treatments (ATTD) Conference in Milan

This week Glooko will be presenting at the 8th annual  International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes in beautiful Milan, Italy. Besides fabulous art, amazing architecture and expensive hotels, Milan offers a central place for experts from around the world to come-together to discuss how technology and science is being pointed towards improving  Continue Reading »

5 Things to Learn About How Insulin Affects You

If you have diabetes, or know someone who does, looking at diabetes data can have a profound impact on daily decision making. It can help to guide a broad range of decisions including what to order on a menu, what the best time of day and type of exercise has the biggest and best impact  Continue Reading »

A New Day for Omnipod Insulin Pump Users

Early in January, Insulet announced that they are providing Glooko for free to the patients and care teams that use the Omnipod. This news is very exciting for our company as it means Glooko will be deployed to Endocrinology offices around the country as the downloading solution for Insulet’s Omnipod Insulin Pump and will be  Continue Reading »

What Happened Over Thanksgiving?

Political arguments notwithstanding, we all love Thanksgiving. Some of us even approach the dinner table as gourmands, taking the enormous serving sizes as a personal challenge. However, for people with diabetes, food presents a different type of challenge. We were curious to find out how our users dealt with it. As a data scientist at  Continue Reading »

Top 5 mHealth Predictions for 2016

At Glooko we work with some of the top Health Systems in the US on their strategies for Remote Monitoring their diabetes patients. And in my role as VP of Marketing and Customer Success at Glooko, I get to see where these organizations are investing when it comes to mHealth and also get a Birdseye  Continue Reading »

Glooko Year In Review

It has been a great year for Glooko and we wanted to take a few moments to thank our users, both people with diabetes and their care teams, for being innovative and using data to improve daily diabetes decision making. As we reflect on 2015 and look forward to the New Year, we wanted to  Continue Reading »

Glooko Now Integrates with Dexcom G5 and FreeStyle Precision Neo

Just in time for the holidays, Glooko has new integrations to help you better sync your diabetes data and see glucose and lifestyle trends. Want to know if that last slice of pumpkin pie will cause your glucose levels to go high? Traveling from California to New York messing with your meter’s time? With the latest  Continue Reading »

Pregnant and Have Diabetes? We Can Help.

As the son of an OB/GYN, I know that being pregnant is an exciting and scary time for a couple. Will the baby be healthy? Am I doing the right things to ensure a safe and easy delivery? Am I ready to be a parent? I also now know as a person with diabetes and  Continue Reading »

3 Simple Ways to Live Longer

Although life expectancy has dramatically increasedin the last century, averaging 74-83 years in countries around the world, the World Health Organizationalso shows a dramatic increase in chronic disease. More than 60% of deaths each year are attributed to chronic disease. So we live longer, but is the quality of our lives better? It can be and  Continue Reading »

Our Top 5 Most Interesting Learnings from IDF 2015

A group of us from the Glooko team joined 7500+ delegates from around the world this week in the city of glass, Vancouver, BC for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) 2015 meeting. Sessions, posters, exhibitions and presentations pulled together people from around the world to learn about ways to improve the outcomes of people with  Continue Reading »

6 Strategies for Surviving The Thanksgiving Meal with Diabetes

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. No work, no school and full time with my family are all great things, but the real thing I love is the meal. I usually spend the day cooking with family and spend the weeks leading up to it researching recipes (e.g., buying magazines in the grocery store line  Continue Reading »

National Diabetes Awareness Month at Glooko

This month is National Diabetes Awareness Month. At Glooko, we eat, sleep and breathe diabetes everyday. Many of us either live with diabetes personally, or our close family members do. Diabetes is a personal passion at Glooko and making the lives of people with diabetes a little bit easier is something we strive to do  Continue Reading »

No More Paper Logbooks

Sue sat at the table during our lunch and started to write down notes about everything on her plate. A little ketchup got on her page, but after a few minutes she was done writing down her food and got back into our conversation. Since Sue is my best friend, I was used to it.  Continue Reading »

How My 88 Year-Old Grandpa Improved Using Glooko

Part of my job as a Customer Success Manager at Glooko is to answer questions about Glooko from potential users. One of the most common questions I receive is from people who want to purchase Glooko for a parent with type 2 diabetes. They are looking for a product that enables them to support their  Continue Reading »

Glooko Daily Trends: Overlap BG Data and Start Seeing Trends

What effect does playing soccer with the buddies on Tuesday and Thursday have on my glucose levels? How will mimosa brunch with my friends on Saturday cause my blood glucose to fluctuate? How does my patient’s blood glucose level compare on different days of the week and how can we have a meaningful conversation about their trends? All of  Continue Reading »

#Patient Tagging: Identify your Glooko Patients with Ease

Hashtag (#). You’ve probably heard of it. Whether you’re sending a tweet to your followers on Twitter or adding it to your Instagram caption to make it easier for your image to be discoverable, the ubiquitous hashtag allows users in social media to find a specific theme or content with a simple search of that  Continue Reading »

You Thought Social Media Was Big, Check Out the Advances In Diabetes Management

The JDRF and ADA released a joint press release last week in which they stated “1/3rd of T1D cases are diagnosed when a person shows up in an emergency room with an acute case of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).” The rest have varying stories, often involving feeling the symptoms and learning from a physician, friend, or  Continue Reading »

How Bluetooth Can Change Diabetes Management

When we started Glooko we set out to make tracking and gaining insights on diabetes data easier. Our mission hasn’t changed, but technology sure has! When we started out, every meter, pump and cgm on the market trapped data inside their devices and without proprietary hardware and tools, it was locked up forever. Back in  Continue Reading »

5 Reasons Why Remote Monitoring Patients is Better for Everyone

The US health system, with its roots in fee-for-service reimbursement, predominantly still incentivizes physicians and providers based on volume of in-office visits and procedures. The more you go to the doctor, the more the physicians and their groups get paid. It is economically set-up to have you go to the doctor, not to prevent it.  Continue Reading »

Glooko Office Kiosk is Revitalizing the Diabetes Appointment with 5 Simple Steps!

Over the last couple of years, as more people with diabetes (PWDs) have adopted Glooko for personal use, they’ve also shown the insights they get from Glooko to their clinicians. And as clinicians have started using Glooko, their interest has peaked! The general sentiment and question we’ve heard is “Glooko looks great! Do you have  Continue Reading »

This is why we are in business

Most start-up companies develop a vision and mission statement and use it as a way to guide and motivate their teams while sharing with the market who they are and what they stand for. If you are a fan of the show Silicon Valley, the show had a funny episode that entailed psychedelic drug taking  Continue Reading »

The #1 Thing Leaders Can Do to Create Productive Employees

Have you ever worked for someone who seemed to never be satisfied? In an effort to achieve “greatness,” they were always looking for ways to improve and were always on you about what could be done next versus stopping to really evaluate what had already been done. At the end of each day you felt  Continue Reading »

Glooko’s Evolution: From Simple Logbook to Pump & CGM Integration

Glooko has come a long way since I started at the company back in 2011. At that time, I was graduating from Stanford with a degree in Human Biology, but had no plans to attend med school. By a stroke of luck, I was introduced to Yogen Dalal who explained to me his vision of using technology to improve the  Continue Reading »

Scott by the Numbers

A diabetes diagnosis is a major life event. I was diagnosed in October of 2010. I was 20 years old and it radically changed my life. After a few years of “getting used” to having T1D, one thing that jumped out at me is how “numbers” mean so much more to me now because I  Continue Reading »

The Fantastic Four Diabetes Travel Tips

In my junior year of college I was suppose to study abroad in Europe. I had my trip all set and was in the midst of selecting my classes. 6 weeks before I was suppose to depart, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. After my diagnosis, my family and I felt it was best  Continue Reading »

3 Ways mHealth-Enabled Remote Diabetes Care Improves Patient Satisfaction and Health System Efficiency

Over the last few years, a lot of buzz has been made about mHealth and its ability to revolutionize healthcare. However, deriving value from practical applications of mHealth has been challenging… Questions like a) “Do activity trackers like Fitbit or Jawbone only bring value to health conscious people?” and b) “Is there really value in  Continue Reading »

With A Shortage of Endocrinologists, How Do You Scale Diabetes Care?

According to the International Diabetes Federation there are over 384 million people around the world with diabetes. While diabetes is a challenging chronic illness to manage, it can be done. With the help of an endocrinologist, certified diabetes educator and family members, people with diabetes (PWD) can get the care and support they need to  Continue Reading »

How the Affordable Care Act Will Change the Provider Mindset

I recently read the book “Reinventing American Healthcare” by Ezekiel Emanuel. It quickly became my new favorite book as Emanuel provides an amazing history of American health care dating back to the 1700’s. For someone working in the health tech industry, this history was not only informative, but provided a fascinating background that has helped us  Continue Reading »

Why Every Company Should Have a “No Meetings Day”

At a previous job if you wanted to talk to me, you had to schedule out a week or two just to get a 30 minute slot. I was at a company where meetings were held for everything even if they were not the most efficient way to discuss, learn or even make decisions about  Continue Reading »

Three things I learned from wearing a CGM

I do not have diabetes, but in working for a diabetes company, I felt that it was important to put myself in the shoes of someone who does – to better understand the steps it takes to manage diabetes and its physical and mental toll. I’m a “twenty-something” living a typical “twenty-something” lifestyle and it keeps me super busy.  Continue Reading »

Glooko Launches Support for Pumps and CGMs

When I first joined Glooko in 2011, my first assignment was to study all of the diabetes software on the market. It felt like I was in a time machine back to circa 1990. I was pretty familiar with the health and fitness software out there, and had been using devices like the Garmin Edge  Continue Reading »

The Magical Overnight Control of the Artificial Pancreas

There’s no sugar-coating it – having Type 1 Diabetes is a daily grind. Almost all the T1’s that I get to meet and talk with echo my sentiment: it’s sort of like working full time on top of my full time job. I can never truly take a break from thinking about my insulin-to-carb ratio,  Continue Reading »

Being a Parent to a Kid with T1D

In addition to being great, being a parent is hard.  It doesn’t matter how much education, patience and love you have inside, sometimes all of the needs, complaints and fickleness of a kid can send anyone to their wit’s end. Add to that a child with a physical or psychological disability- and the challenge can  Continue Reading »

My Story of Sharing my Dexcom Data With My Parents

The day had finally arrived. Ever since I started on a continuous glucose monitor, I had dreamed of the day I could view my readings on my phone – just because it is so much easier and more discrete than having to pull the receiver out of my pocket when out with my buddies or  Continue Reading »

8 Studies that Prove the Value of Remote Monitoring for Diabetes

The mHealth industry is growing fast and for good reason. Mobile technology keeps getting better everyday. Did you know there are almost as many cellphone subscriptions (6.8 billion) as there are people on this earth (seven billion)?! With all of this information at their fingertips, people want more control and visibility to their health data. This constantly  Continue Reading »

Do People With Diabetes Test Their Blood Glucose More During the Week or Over the Weekend?

I had some hypotheses, but I wasn’t sure. I know for me, things are more structured during the week. I tend to wake up around the same time, eat the same things, go to bed at a reasonable hour. On the weekend, all bets are off in terms of a schedule. So I would assume  Continue Reading »

Why I Joined Glooko

A month ago, I formally accepted an offer to join Glooko as a Customer Success Manager. My job is simple: to make sure our customers are maximizing the benefits of Glooko. So why did I join Glooko? My personal mission is the same as Glooko: to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes  Continue Reading »

How the Quantified Self Can Keep You Alive

Have you heard or read about the quantified self? It is the rage today and over the last few years has been the subject of countless blogs, websites, articles, news stories and even Ted Talks. There are more ads for fitness trackers and more companies popping up around the world who are building wearables that  Continue Reading »

Glooko Adds Reminders to Its Unified Diabetes Platform

Unless I enter it into my to-do list, I forget to do everything. The penalty for me is getting behind on my work, exercise or something I have committed to do for myself or someone else. Sometimes maybe even some embarrassment from time to time. For people with diabetes, forgetting to check blood sugar, take  Continue Reading »

6 things I wish I could go back and tell myself as a child with diabetes

Do you remember the first time you looked at your crush in the eyes and felt weak at the knees, stomach tied up in knots, your heart tap-dancing in your chest? I think most people feel that way at least once in their lives and for me, it’s a feeling that I’ll never forget. The  Continue Reading »

I pretended to have diabetes and here is what I learned

He asked me to pull up my shirt and find the area on my stomach with the most flesh (that part wasn’t hard.) Then he pulled out a device with a big needle at the end and said, “on three, two…” and before I knew it, a colleague of mine injected a continuous blood glucose  Continue Reading »