Meet the Team

In June 2010, Yogen Dalal, Sundeep Madra and Chamath Palihapitiya conceived the idea behind Glooko because each one of them was personally touched by diabetes in a meaningful way. They set out to create a world where diabetes management is easier by transforming the way people with diabetes and their care providers interact by leveraging the power of mobile, cloud, and analytics.

Since then, Glooko has become an innovative Silicon Valley company that delivers a unified platform for diabetes management. We strive to improve health outcomes for people with diabetes and reduce the costs associated with diabetes population management. Glooko is dedicated to bringing innovation to diabetes management around the world.

The Glooko team has a passion for creating great software and tools for easier diabetes management.  Through a lot of hard work and some fun too, we pridefully bring you Glooko.

  • Rick Altinger


  • Michelle de Haaff

    VP of Marketing & Customer Success

  • Serdar Akin

    VP of Product Development

  • Dr. Michael Greenfield

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Steven Denys

    Vice President, Business Development

  • Taylor Small

    Head of Sales

  • Anders Sonesson

    VP/General Manager, Global

  • Richard Laurits


  • Holly McGarraugh

    Strategic Advisor

  • Jack Dainton

    Enterprise Sales Executive

  • Rahul Chachare

    Chief Architect

  • Thomas Jansson

    Director, R&D

  • Jennivine Lee Simon

    Director of Marketing

  • Sebastian Persson

    Global Marketing Director

  • Lisa Rogers

    Director, User Experience & Product Management

  • Chad L. Rasmussen

    Enterprise Sales Executive

  • Jeff Voss

    Senior National Payer Sales Executive

  • Matt Valin

    Sales Manager

  • Sasa Salamon

    Senior SaaS Software Manager

  • Franziska Thom

    Finance Manager

  • Ria Dwivedula

    Staff Accountant

  • Vikram Singh

    Product Manager, Data Products & Analytics

  • Reid Offringa

    Data Scientist

  • Scott Bissinger

    Customer Success Manager

  • Tomi Kuckovecki

    UI Designer and Developer

  • Tejasvi Pasi

    Regulatory Affairs Manager

  • Sudhindra Rao

    Principal Engineer

  • Sidhtara Tep

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Ehsan Khaliki

    Mobile & Full Stack Engineer

  • Sam Wynbrandt

    Director of Product Management

  • Hasan Naqvi

    Test Engineer

  • Anna Lööf Möller

    UX/UI Designer

  • Allison Gentes

    UX/UI Designer

  • George Wu

    Software Engineer

  • Jessica Baldridge

    Customer Success Manager

  • Obaid Saleem

    Software Engineer

  • Erica Ceballos

    Office and Operations Manager

  • Sara Ingram

    UX/UI Designer

  • Chetan Sukthanker

    Product Manager

  • Darren Wong

    Principal UX Designer

  • Jimmy Wei

    Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Makenzie Wells

    Director of Customer Success

  • Alice Tsai

    Software Engineer

  • Jeff Chang

    Product Management

  • Chase Sutton

    Associate Product Manager

  • Mike Ortiz

    Mobile Engineer

  • Brett Anderson

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Jimmy Jun

    Full Stack Software Engineer

  • Mona Rajhans

    Software Engineer

  • Syed Sufyan Pervez

    Designer and Software Engineer

  • Tara Leveline

    Customer Success Manager

  • Clare Ellis

    Customer Success & Integration Manager

  • Marissa Garcia

    Fulfillment Agent

  • Zoran Cindori

    Software Engineer

  • Kristijan Novoselic

    SaaS Software Engineer

  • Kathleen McGarraugh

    Mobile Developer

  • A-J Boyer

    Customer Success Analyst

  • Syed Arsalan Pervez

    Software Engineer

  • Kyle Tang

    Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Gordan Glavas

    Software Engineer

  • Igor Horvat

    Software Engineer

  • Bhagyashree Pujar

    Regulatory Intern

  • Mahdi Khaliki

    Quality Assurance Intern

  • Alejandro Puente

    Quality Intern

  • Tejas Patil

    Software QA Engineer

  • Conrad Shiao

    Software Engineering Intern

  • Arati Kanchi

    Clinical Research Associate

  • Chad Lovegren

    Technical Support

  • Adam Greenwald

    Customer Success Manager

  • Doug Grabowski

    Customer Success Analyst

  • William Rivas

    Customer Success Analyst

  • Sofia Karlsson

    Technical Communicator

  • Yuyan Zhou

    Financial Administrator

  • Camila Loverot

    Office Manager

  • Anja Hase

    Customer Support

  • Daniel Stjern

    Director of Business Development and Product Management

  • David Brohall

    Project Manager

  • Frida Arvidsson

    Product Management & International Sales

  • Katarina Kinnander


  • Kristy Swift

    International Director Commercial Operations

  • Lisa Jörgensen

    Customer Support

  • Markus Svensson

    System Developer

  • Nathan Lecourt

    Web Developer

  • Romain Dubois

    Embedded Developer

  • Baukje Dijkstra

    Customer Support

  • Katrin Lundgren

    Product Manager

  • Raquel Santos Royo

    Customer Support

  • Pontus Olausson

    Sales Manager

  • Sanjay Gohil

    Sales Manager, UK and Ireland

  • Yogen Dalal

    Partner Emeritus Mayfield Fund; Board Member

  • Chamath Palihapitiya

    Founder + Managing Partner, The Social+Capital Partnership; Board Member

  • Wende Hutton

    Partner, Canaan Partners; Board Member

  • Rick Altinger

    CEO; Board Member

  • Judy Estrin

    CEO JLabs, LLC; Author; Investor

  • Vint Cerf

    Chief Internet Evangelist, Google; Investor

  • Sundeep Madra

    GM Data and Mobile Product Group at Pivotal; Investor

  • Russell Hirsch, M.D., Ph.D

    Partner, Prospect Ventures; Investor

  • Brendon Kim

    VP, Managing Director, Head of Investments, Samsung Electronics

  • Rachel Martin

    UX/UI Intern

  • Aditya Shah

    Software Engineering Intern

Board of Directors and Investors

Our board of directors and investors are made up of industry leaders and founders. They support, advise and enable Glooko to be the leading Unified Platform for Diabetes Management.