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The Glooko ROI Calculator

This calculator projects how much your organization can save by deploying Glooko for your diabetes population.

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Organization

Total Population Size

ALL people seen or managed by your organization. Please enter a numeric value.


Step 2: Tell Us About Your Organization's Monitoring Goals

Engaging with someone close to when they experience a high-risk glucose event can create teachable moments. Glooko flags people who experience high-risk blood glucose events. Click ‘Yes” if your program is able to follow up remotely with those who have a severe high or low blood glucose readings within 24 hours.

If participants experience severe high or low blood glucose levels, are you equipped or willing to contact them within 24 hours?

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The Glooko ROI Calculator is provided to create an estimate of annual diabetes-related ROI when a diabetes monitoring program is deployed using Glooko. Actual ROI may vary. The tool is provided “as is” without any warranties. Costs for coaching or a employing a diabetes management call center is not included.

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