Glooko Kiosk Webinar


Learn from Athena Philis-Tsimikas, MD and Corporate VP of Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute, about how Glooko simplifies the downloading process and enhances workflow efficiency at Scripps via one unified management platform that coordinates data formats from various devices.

Background: When patients visit their provider, the interaction can be negatively impacted by workflow issues including the length of time spent downloading distinct diabetes device data to manufacturer-specific software or the difficulty the staff has retrieving data from these devices at all. Currently, providers have to wade through a “pile of cables” to transfer any data. For every patient, a medical assistant must spend time accessing specific diabetes management software and cables for each monitor, pump or CGM brought in, plugging in the device to a computer and setting up the device into data transfer mode – all of this before data is available for viewing in the software itself or in printouts.

Glooko enables diabetes data from popular meters, insulin pumps, and CGMs to be synced to a tablet and visualized in aggregate on Glooko’s mobile, cloud-based diabetes management platform. By making the technology available in a “Kiosk” style offering, we are revitalizing the clinical encounter for both diabetes patients and clinicians by adding efficiency and interactivity to the diabetes care process.