Kiosk Product Overview

Kiosk Overview FrontWhen patients visit their providers, the interaction can be negatively impacted by workflow issues including the length of time spent downloading a diabetes device or difficulty the staff has retrieving data from these devices at all. Currently, providers have to wade through a “pile of cables” to transfer any data. For every single patient, a medical assistant must spend time accessing specific software and cables for each device brought in, plugging in the device to a computer and setting up the device into data transfer mode. Simplifying this process with a user-friendly tool and accompanying workflow enables healthcare organizations to facilitate effective collaboration with patients and give them the accurate data they need to drive treatment optimization.

Use the form on the right to download the Glooko Kiosk Product Overview to learn how Glooko coordinates data formats from various devices, displays it in an intuitive user-interface and delivers it for both in-clinic and remote use.