Insulet Provided Glooko: Patient Webinar (Recording)


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Glooko is now free to all people who use the Omnipod® System! The Glooko/Insulet partnership provides Omnipod® System users with the ability to see their insulin delivery data alongside their glucose and lifestyle data from a CGM, BG meter or fitness tracker right on their mobile phone.

Join Scott Bissinger, Customer Success Manager at Glooko and a 5-year veteran user of the Omnipod® System as he explains how to use Glooko with the Omnipod® System pump, the Dexcom CGM and his BG meter(s).

He’ll show you step-by-step how to leverage Glooko features to help make better daily decisions. The webinar includes a walkthrough of how to get Omnipod® System diabetes data synced to a mobile phone and how Insulet Provided Glooko graphs and reports help to improve diabetes self-management and enable users to become aware of the effects of insulin delivery on their glucose levels. He also demonstrates how data that is on the mobile phone can be automatically shared with your care team to facilitate support and improvements to your care plan.

This webinar includes a live Q&A session.