Insulet Provided Glooko: Clinic Webinar (Recording)

In order to provide the best care possible healthcare providers need to easily download diabetes device data and improve workflow efficiency.

Clinics around the world use Glooko to download device data and leverage it to treat people with diabetes. Through Insulet Provided Glooko, clinicians and patients who prescribe and use the the OmniPod® insulin pump get free access to Glooko, sponsored by Insulet. Clinicians get it for use at the office to download data to be used during patient visits and patients get it via their mobile phone for day-to-day self management.

This webinar will educate the office team – clinicians, CDEs, nurses, MA’s and staff  – on the value of using Glooko to provide data driven care. The webinar will include a walkthrough of how to get OmniPod® pump data (along with other diabetes devices) synced to the Glooko Kiosk tablet and will provide you with a detailed review of how to print patient reports and view/analyze patient data online.

See how Glooko enables you to better visualize the effects of insulin delivery on your patients’ glucose levels. Learn how patients’ can use Insulet provided Glooko on their mobile phones to automatically share data to your team that improves collaboration for long-lasting improvements to their care routine.

This webinar will also include a live Q&A session.

If you are unable to attend the live webinar, no worries! Register to receive your free recording.