HypoMap Fact Sheet

HypoMap FrontOver time, repeated episodes of hypoglycemia can lead a person with diabetes to have hypoglycemia unawareness. Their body is no longer able to recognize the signs and symptoms that warn them of low blood glucose, which can lead to increased risk of severe, life-threatening hypoglycemia.

Joslin HypoMap powered by Glooko provides a platform for patients to record the symptoms, causes, and treatments associated with their hypoglycemic events. Proactively tracking these symptoms can assist with the prevention and detection of future events and the management of their hypoglycemia unawareness.

Use the form on the right to download the Glooko HypoMap Fact Sheet to learn more about hypoglycemia-related costs and how Glooko creates ‘teachable moments’ that aims to enable patient insights into the patterns and causes of hypoglycemia events.