Diabetes Remote Monitoring eBook

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Billions of dollars are spent each year on research to find the cure for thousands of diseases. Our current healthcare system incentivizes and promotes limited patient-provider interactions.

Without engagement from their care team on a more frequent basis, those with chronic diseases are left with short (often less than 20 minute) interactions each year with their healthcare provider, which is not enough time to dig in and identify ways to improve self-management and overall outcomes.

Remote Monitoring is a new concept in the medical field where care teams can track a patient’s health status and engage with them remotely to reduce frequent in-person visits and prevent complications.

This eBook outlines some of the key use cases where Remote Monitoring has had material impact on patient outcomes and success and has saved the health system money. We use specific examples of scenarios where Remote Monitoring not only makes it easier for patients and providers to receive and deliver care, but makes it more efficient and effective. 

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