Improve Patient Outcomes

Glooko’s unified diabetes management platform aims to deliver outcomes that reduce costs associated with diabetes population management by presenting risk stratified, diabetes-centric data.

Easily track your patient population.

Glooko’s Population Tracker enables timely care delivery to patients and health plan members with diabetes. Through the power of the cloud, healthcare providers can see everything from patient glucose levels and risk-stratified blood glucose trends to how patient carb intake, medications and exercise correlates to blood glucose fluctuations.

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Track individual patients from afar.

How does my patient react to a new medication or insulin dose? How do they do over the holidays or on vacation? With the Population Tracker™ web app, you can remotely monitor patients, track their progress and intervene when necessary.

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Leverage correlated lifestyle and blood glucose data to optimize insulin therapy.

Visualize your patient’s insulin therapy data - basal and bolus - next to their blood glucose meter, CGM, carb intake and exercise data to help you understand what drives patients’ highs and lows and to identify teachable moments. Easily identify patterns to understand why certain times of day or days of the week are more challenging and determine how to optimize patient set/site change frequency. Support for the OmniPod Insulin Management System, Medtronic pumps and sensors and Dexcom (direct download and via Apple Health) is available today.

Pump and CGM Insights

Take action with at-risk diabetes patients.

Custom flags allow healthcare providers to personalize which metrics and glucose levels are important to monitor patient groups or individual patients. By flagging patients that may be trending towards risk, based on out-of-range glycemic control and other risk indicators, healthcare providers can engage their patients at the right time.

Population Management

Intervene and take action to prevent costly hospital stays.

Access to lifestyle context associated with glucose readings can help facilitate effective, proactive therapy and engagement. Add to that correlated activity, weight and blood pressure data and the healthcare provider has, at their fingertips, what they need to make proactive adjustments which may ultimately improve outcomes and lowers costs.

Glooko Clinical Advisor helps providers optimize insulin dosing, a potentially challenging task. The Mobile Insulin Dosing System (MIDS) feature enables providers to remotely titrate patients starting on long-acting insulin, so patients can get to their optimal dose faster. Clinical Advisor also recommends changes to insulin pump settings based on a clinical algorithm, that providers can review, approve and send to a patient's Glooko mobile app.

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Improve provider-patient communication.

Glooko's standardized reports for all downloaded device data means healthcare providers can interpret diabetes-centric data and analytics in an accurate and consistent manner across their patient population. Healthcare providers can log into their Population Tracker to view patient status and communicate back to the patient treatment plans. Glooko provides APIs that enable teams to access Glooko's unified views in their Electronic Health Record (EHR).

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