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Improving Workflow

The multitude of blood glucose meters on the market, each with their own standalone hardware and software, makes analysis of glucose data a frustrating task for healthcare professionals. Glooko’s FDA 510(k) cleared, HIPAA compliant, integrated diabetes management system is the solution.

Glooko aims to increase workflow efficiency so endocrinologists, primary care physicians, and diabetes educators can spend less time downloading readings and more time interpreting data and discussing their patient’s health. By creating hardware that is compatible with a multitude of mobile devices and blood glucose meters, a mobile logbook that is easily sharable, and a web dashboard where providers can interpret and analyze data, Glooko offers providers a unified diabetes management system. To understand what mobile devices and meters Glooko supports, visit the Compatibility page.


Encouraging Patient

How can a health provider know whether their patient is following their diabetes management plan? Glooko can improve patient adherence by making it easy to record blood glucose influencers such as carb intake, insulin dosage, and exercise. Through the web dashboard, providers can see the frequency of BG readings and the influence of the various lifestyle factors, and evaluate whether their patient is complying with the prescribed management regimen. Providers can then engage in personalized dialogue with their patients, strengthening the provider-patient relationship.

Provider – Patient

Patient data kept in the Glooko app is shared with their provider through the web dashboard. Analytical tools provide insight into how their patients’ glucose levels relate to time of day, food intake, and behavior and life style choices. Advanced charting allows the standard deviation and variability of BG levels over time to be determined with ease. This data helps facilitate a dialogue between professionals and their patients that can lead to better, more sustainable health outcomes. Professionals no longer need to switch from one data view to another to get access to the information they need to effectively manage their entire diabetes population.


Powering Diabetes Care With Information Technology

In this study, an overview of the challenges associated with both Type 1 & 2 diabetes are outlined, and the potential benefits of incorporating information technology in diabetes management are discussed.

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HIPAA Compliance for The Glooko Diabetes Management System

This paper reviews the patient-data security regulations set out by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, and the measures Glooko has taken to meet those standards.

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