The Unified Platform for Diabetes Management

Each product offered plays a key role in Glooko's diabetes management system - to ensure optimal diabetes management, we deliver our products as a package to health systems and payers.

Glooko MeterSync. Easily sync your diabetes devices.

Easily downloads readings from 50+ of the most popular blood glucose meters, insulin pumps and CGMs to Android and iOS mobile devices. Providers and patients can purchase a MeterSync device and a subscription to Glooko. Patients should first contact their healthcare provider or payer group to see if they are eligible for a free or discounted Glooko subscription.

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Glooko Kiosk. Connect at a provider’s office.

Designed for in-clinic use with the benefit of improving workflow efficiency and onboarding patients to the Glooko unified diabetes management platform, the Glooko Kiosk allows easy download of your patient’s blood glucose and insulin pump data when they visit you in the office.

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Glooko Mobile App. Diabetes management made easier.

Sync your blood glucose and insulin pump data, add in your food and lifestyle data, and connect patient data with healthcare providers with the Glooko mobile app for Android and iOS. Choose from thousands of pre-loaded foods with carb counts included and auto-access your fitness and biometric data to get a full picture of what drives your blood glucose levels.

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Glooko Activity and Biometric Data. No more manual entry.

Physical activity can have a significant impact on a patient’s blood glucose level. Glooko’s integration with popular health and fitness apps including Fitbit, Moves, iHealth and Strava automatically adds activity, blood pressure and weight data while patients are on the go. Integrated data is included in the standardized reports for a holistic view of overall health.

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Glooko Population Tracker. Patient insights at your fingertips.

Glooko’s Population Tracker generates reports and standard and customizable at-risk flags. These flags are available on-demand to help drive timely intervention. Through the power of the cloud, healthcare providers can see everything from patient glucose levels and risk stratified blood glucose trends to how patient carb intake, medications and exercise correlates to blood glucose fluctuations.

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Glooko EHR Integration. Make Glooko part of your workflow.

Glooko integrates with major Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems in the market. Used as central source of patient data, Glooko’s rest-based APIs make it easy for healthcare providers to bring Glooko reports, raw data and analytics for both individual patients and population into their EHR. Get the insights you need from the diabetes-centric expert.

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Glooko Flags. Take action with at-risk patients.

Custom flags allow healthcare providers to personalize which metrics and levels are important to monitor patient groups or individual patients. Glooko flags patients that may be trending towards risk, based on out-of-range glycemic control and other risk indicators, healthcare providers can engage patients at the right time.

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Joslin HypoMap™ powered by Glooko. Prevent hospital visits.

Provides a platform for patients to record the symptoms, causes, and treatments associated with their hypoglycemic events that can assist with the prevention and detection of future events and the management of their hypoglycemia unawareness. Gain a clear picture of the difference between random and more predictable patient hypoglycemic events to create teachable moments.

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Glooko Personal Advisor. Insights through Pattern Recognition.

Glooko Personal Advisor provides personalized recommendations that aim to improve daily decision making for people with diabetes. By highlighting patterns and trends so users can easily understand their Best Day and Time of Day, users get fast and direct information on how to self-manage. With this information, users can better understand where they are doing well and where they may need more attention or support.

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Optimize Insulin Dosing with Clinical Algorithms.

Glooko Personal Advisor uses algorithms to recommend adjustments to insulin dosing. For patients starting on long-acting insulin, Glooko Personal Advisor has a Mobile Insulin Dosing System (MIDS) feature that helps patients titrate their insulin dose, based on their physician's orders.

For patients who wear an insulin pump, Glooko Personal Advisor provides recommendations for insulin pump settings, such as basal rates and correction factor adjustments.

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Glooko Clinical Advisor. Easier Insulin Titration with MIDS.

Glooko Clinical Advisor enables providers to more effectively manage their diabetes population, during and in-between visits. With the Mobile Insulin Dosing System (MIDS) feature, providers can more easily titrate long-acting insulin for their patients and monitor patient progress during the titration period.

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Optimize Insulin Pump Settings.

Glooko Clinical Advisor offers Glooko's first built-in 3rd party algorithm, developed by DreaMed Diabetes, that recommends adjustments to insulin pump settings such as basal rates and insulin-to-carb ratios for providers to use with patients. Providers access it in the Population Tracker and review recommendations, make any needed adjustments and push the suggestions to the patient's Glooko Mobile App for action.

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