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People with Diabetes

See how food, activity, and medication impact your glucose levels.

Glooko Mobile App - Now Free!*

Managing diabetes is hard. Understanding your data doesn't have to be. Glooko syncs your meter, insulin pump, CGM, and activity tracker, and lets you log food and medication so you can see what impacts your glucose levels.

The Glooko App is now free - download it today!

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Everything you need, on the go

Insights to improve daily decisions.

  • Sync Devices

    Sync your blood glucose meter, insulin pump, CGM and exercise tracker so you can see all your data in one place.

  • Track Lifestyle

    Easily track food, medications, insulin, exercise and more to see how they impact your glucose levels.

  • Identify Patterns

    See important patterns in your glucose levels, including your best day and best time of day.

  • Get Reminders

    Don’t miss an important task. Set reminders to check your blood sugar, take your medications, insulin & more.

  • Get Support

    Share your data with your care team to get the support you need in between visits.

  • Access Online

    Review detailed reports online at in the comfort of your home.


Glooko Uploader

Plug your diabetes device right into your PC or Mac and easily upload your data directly to the cloud. Review your data immediately online at or in the Glooko Mobile App.