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Safe, secure cloud-based platform.

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Connect securely

We take PHI seriously.

Glooko is HIPAA compliant. Protected health information (PHI) is kept safe through encryption of data, both at-rest and in-motion. Diabetes data is uploaded via the Clinic Upload suite and is only viewable through the secure Glooko Mobile App, Web App and Population Tracker.

Use existing platforms

Integrates with major EHR, care management, incentives systems and more.

Using REST-based APIs and a published software development kit (SDK), Glooko APIs enable Glooko graphs and data to be integrated across popular EHRs, care management platforms and more to ensure continuum of care.

Streamline workflow

Quick access to discrete diabetes data and reports.

Glooko APIs allow healthcare providers to view patient summary reports and gain on-demand access to aggregated Glooko diabetes reports directly from the EHR.