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Glooko Population Tracker provides data-driven insight so coaches and educators can support people with diabetes.

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Get a risk-stratified view of your diabetes population.

Glooko’s Population Tracker gives you an interactive, risk-stratified view of members with diabetes and enables you to determine who needs extra support. Coaches access data and specific insights to provide personalized help. 2


Keep your patients interested in self-management.

Glooko offers features to help patients better understand their diabetes and stay engaged. From patterns that illuminate important trends, to reminders that help patients remember to take their medication, check their blood sugar or be ready for a coaching call, Glooko encourages members or users to stay on top of their diabetes.


Provide support to people with diabetes in-between visits.

  • Patterns

    Uncovers personalized areas to discuss for in-depth coaching.

  • Clinical flags

    Helps prioritize people that may be trending toward risk for follow-up.3

  • Contact alerts

    Lets coaches know who to contact based on customizable rules and helps manage timely follow-ups.

  • Messaging

    Connects coaches with individuals or groups via mobile notifications and emails.