Discover how Glooko is making diabetes management easier. Check out what’s in the news about Glooko, our announcements and our media resources. For media inquiries, please select ‘press’ in our contact form.

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  • Glooko Logo

  • Glooko 2.0 App Logo

    Easily download BG readings and track lifestyle context to help manage diabetes.

  • Android device, Glooko MeterSync Cable for Android, and Meter

    Save time and eliminate errors from manual entry by easily and quickly downloading blood glucose readings from your meter to compatible Android devices.

  • iOS device with History View

    View blood glucose readings in chronological order, add meal tags, and record foods eaten.

  • Android device with Home View

    Download blood glucose readings, record lifestyle contact, and share reports with your healthcare team using Glooko for Android.

  • Glooko on iOS & Android

    The Glooko app supports both iOS and Android devices.

  • iOS device with Statistics and Graphs views

    View a statistical and graphical breakdown of BG readings using the graphs and statistics screens.

  • Web Dashboard with Graphs View

    View a scatterplot of BG readings, adjust time ranges, visualize readings that are in and out of range, and select readings of interest.

  • Web Dashboard with Dashboard View

    View BG averages before and after meals, by time of day, and by day of week.

  • Joslin HypoMapTM powered by GlookoTM – HypoSurvey

    Fill out the HypoSurvey following a hypoglycemic event, including questions about symptoms, causes, and treatments.

  • Joslin HypoMapTM powered by GlookoTM – Awareness View

    View a heat map charting hypoglycemic events against autonomic and neuroglycopenic (cognitive) symptoms.