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The Diabetes Management Solution for Payers

Diabetes management made easier for members.

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Broad device compatibility and support

Glooko’s award-winning mobile app is compatible with most blood glucose meters, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) available today so your members can use their preferred, formulary-covered devices with Glooko to easily track their diabetes data to help improve day-to-day diabetes management decisions.

Members can also sync data from wearables and add lifestyle information from a database of 500,000+ foods and medications to add further context and facilitate better conversations with their care teams and understand how daily activities affect their blood glucose.

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Precision targeting for care managers

Glooko gives coaches and care managers better visibility into each member's diabetes health and enables them to provide effective, personalized support. Members can also share their data with Glooko's network of over 7,000 providers should they require treatment plan changes or additional medical services.

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Member segmentation and identification

Glooko uses advanced analytics to identify which members are staying on track and which may need more support or immediate attention.

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improvement in average blood glucose 1


increase in blood glucose testing frequency 2


decrease in probability of hyperglycemic events 3

Insights improve outcomes

Glooko’s insights give both members and coaches valuable information to improve daily diabetes management decisions. Within three months of using Glooko, members increase blood glucose testing frequency and improve their average blood glucose levels.

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A complete toolkit to get members started

When you partner with Glooko, you receive a turnkey set of marketing materials, easily customized with your brand, to help you get started.

  • Direct Mail Invitations

    Engaging direct mail content educates employees and gives them a tangible next step.

  • Email Invitations

    A multi-step email campaign invites and reminds users to get started and follows-up to keep them engaged.

  • On-site signage

    On-site digital and print content catches employees where they are getting them interested in the program.

  • Text messages

    Text messages remind employees to engage with their diabetes and with Glooko!

  • Call center scripts

    Scripts enable coaches and supporting staff to invite employees to the program and keep them engaged.

  • Online and in-app enrollment

    Automatic eligibility management and multi-channel enrollment increases enrollment rates.