See Your Diabetes Data Together

Correlate blood glucose data with insulin therapy, carbs and exercise.

Get Insulin Insights on the Go!

Running around town and wondering what happened to your glucose levels the last time you had a burrito? Glooko allows people with diabetes and their care team to sync, review and analyze their glucose levels in context with their medication, fitness, biometric and carb intake data – on the go. With the addition of Glooko’s support for popular insulin pumps and CGMs, patients and their care teams can easily get insulin insights, along with reminders, alerts and an understanding of how patients manage their diabetes.

Views of glucose trends and the events that drive those trends are right in your pocket. Mobile views include summaries of glucose trends over time – by week, day of week and time of day. Users can graphically track how carb intake and insulin therapy impact glucose readings and identify what “events” – meals, exercise and medications – have an impact as well. Learn to understand and optimize basal and bolus rates in the moment, when trying to make decisions on what to eat, when to exercise and more.

Identify and Improve Challenging Days.

Why are readings low on Wednesday afternoon? Does the Friday happy hour really have such a big impact over the weekend? The Glooko Modal Day View enables patients and providers to see glucose trends for a particular day so evidence-based care adjustments can be made that improve health outcomes. The day of the week controller allows users to zoom in on data and uncover insightful trends. Summary statistics elucidate which days and what times are patients experiencing trouble spots.
A lot can happen in a month. The Glooko Calendar View shows you trends at a high level for each month. Is the weekend warrior workout having the same effect each week? Did vacation dramatically impact your blood glucose levels for the period? A stacked view of the days of the week uncovers your overall diabetes patterns, which is less visible if looking at a particular day or week span. A rollover view gives you immediate insight to what happened that day.

Understand Lows and Highs During Certain Times of the Day.

Visualize insulin therapy data – basal and bolus – next to blood glucose meter, CGM, carb intake and exercise data to help understand what drives patients’ highs and lows and to identify teachable moments. Easily find and understand why certain times of day or days of the week are more challenging. Roll over a point of interest and quickly see highlights about meals, exercise and medication used at that point in time.

Improve Insulin Management.

Changing a pump site is a common occurrence that is essential to diabetes control. Knowing when to change the set/site is useful to stabilizing glucose levels and minimizing highs and lows when the change occurs. With Glooko Pump Insights, patients and their care teams can easily hone in on the optimal day and time for a set/site change and understand the impact a set/site change has on glucose levels. Users can also see the impact of standard and adjusted basal rates and keep track of their usage of pump supplies.