Optimizing care and providing meaningful insights for people with diabetes


Comprehensive In-Clinic and Remote Diabetes Management

Sync with +195 of all diabetes devices, delivering trusted data, in a simple and usable platform.

  • BGMs/CGMs/pumps
  • Connected smart pens
  • Health & Fitness apps

Connected Care & Remote Programs

  • Glooko Mobile App – Free mobile app for patients to view, understand, and analyze their data
  • Glooko Remote Monitoring – Patients with diabetes track progress together with their clinician in between appointments using the Glooko mobile app


Glooko is transforming digital health by connecting people with diabetes and their health care professionals, enabling telehealth, clinical research, and improved collaboration.

The company’s software platforms, Glooko® and diasend®, empower diabetes management by collecting and unlocking the power of data from blood-glucose meters, CGMs, insulin pumps, pens, and activity trackers – bringing insights together in one place.

  • 2.8 Million people have benefited from diabetes insights
  • 7,500 clinics, 26 countries, and 15 languages


Privacy and security of personal data, including health information is our top priority. We respect the privacy of individuals while leveraging big data techniques on anonymized data to develop insights that help people with diabetes and those who care for them understand factors that drive their health outcomes and improve health outcomes, at both individual and population levels.