diasend® – diabetes data management. Simplified.

Access and analyze data from more than 170 diabetes devices.

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Glooko and Diasend have come together to focus on our joint mission: To make diabetes management easier. As a company, we united under the Glooko name during 2016 – now providing two diabetes data management systems: Glooko & diasend®.

diasend® for clinics

diasend® Clinic offers health care providers a cloud based solution that seamlessly uploads and stores all diabetes patient data centrally. Via a small and intuitive hardware device called the diasend® Transmitter, diabetes device data is easy to upload regardless if the device is wireless or uses bluetooth, infrared or a cable – making interactions with patients in the office much more efficient and effective. Data from multiple devices, if a patient uses more than one, is consolidated and presented in streamlined graphs, charts and synthesized reports.

As an alternative to diasend® Transmitter we also offer diasend® Uploader – a software that enables data uploads from any computer that has an Internet connection with just a few clicks. Offering the same reports, insights and data as when using the diasend® Transmitter.

Secure cloud
diasend® is cloud based, which means that you can access data uploads on any device with Internet access. Both patients and care providers can log in using secure accounts at diasend.com, and all uploaded information is immediately shown online in a secure account.

Whether you upload data at the clinic or at home, health care providers and patients see the same information, even if they can’t see each other. All reports, tables, graphs and statistics are presented in the same way, so that a patient at home can see precisely what the health care provider sees online – making remote interactions more effective. Users can also customize their views and generate PDF-files that can be printed and/or saved at home and for upload into an Electronic Health Record (EHR).

One report – for all devices
diasend® consolidates data from more than 170 glucose meters, CGMs, insulin pumps and activity trackers into one single dashboard. Irrespective of device brand.

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…and for people living with diabetes
diasend® Personal offers people with diabetes a better understanding of factors that impact their blood glucose levels, insulin pump dosages and more. Simply register for your diasend® Personal account. Your information is always safe, and you can access it on the Internet at any time.

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