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Webinar: “COVID-19: How Should I Prepare With Diabetes?”

On-Demand Webinar – Friday March 20, 2020 12pm PT / 3 pm ET

Join us as we have Dr. Mark Clements, MD, PhD, Glooko’s Chief Medical Officer cover the latest COVID-19 evidence and how it impacts people living with diabetes.

Webinar: “COVID-19: What Does It Mean For My Patients With Diabetes?”

Live Webinar – Friday March 20, 2020 10am PT / 1 pm ET

Our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Clements, MD, PhD takes a deep dive into how to best position your clinic to overcome some of the challenges of managing a diverse population who are at increased risk for COVID-19.

Customer Support

There are currently no interruptions to Glooko’s services or ability to support people with diabetes and their care teams; however, in the near future, our customer service response times may be longer than usual, depending on volume. Helpful information can also be found in the Glooko and diasend® Support Centers.


For additional support, please contact our Glooko or diasend® Support Teams.

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Coronavirus – Facts, Guidance & Updates For Your Practice

(Source: Association of Diabetes & Education Specialists)

Your COVID-19 Questions Answered

(Source: John’s Hopkins University)

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