We’re improving the
Glooko system everyday

Glooko is aiming to expand its hardware and software compatibility to meet the needs of all people with diabetes.

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Bluetooth for Glooko

Glooko is currently developing Bluetooth integration that will allow for easier syncing of data between meters, mobile platforms, and the web dashboards.

Insulin Pump Integration with Glooko

Glooko is working closely with insulin pump producers in order to provide easy integration with pumps.


The Glooko device system for Glooko Application is a data management software intended for use in home and professional settings to aid individuals with diabetes and their health care professionals in review, analysis and evaluation of blood glucose readings to support an effective diabetes management program. The Glooko device system for Glooko Application connects to compatible FDA cleared meters and allows users to transfer their blood glucose meter results to their iPhone operating system platform.

The Glooko device system for Glooko Application is not intended to provide treatment decisions or to be used as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.