Integrated, secure data solutions for measurably improved diabetes outcomes.

Glooko data analytics provide insights on diabetes populations so health systems can increase the effectiveness of providers and patient care

Glooko® Enterprise Comprehensive In-Clinic and Remote Diabetes Management Package

Introducing our latest product update on Glooko® Enterprise, you can benefit from:

Glooko Care Programs - Enroll your patients and onboard them to use Glooko, as well as provide educational resources and best practices about their diabetes. Contact us today to upgrade to Glooko® Enterprise and learn how you and your patients can benefit from the complete Glooko experience.

Compatible Data Sources

  • BGMs / CGMs / pumps
  • Connected smart pens
  • Health apps
  • Remote data uploading

Professional Tools & Support

  • Glooko Population Tracker
  • Glooko Transmitter
  • Account Management

Remote Programs

  • Glooko Mobile App (Free*)
  • Glooko Remote Monitoring
  • Glooko Mobile Insulin Dosing System (MIDS)

*one-time hardware cost may apply

Clinic Reporting Packages

Monthly analytics package providing key insights to manage patient populations

We sync with 95% of all diabetes devices, delivering trusted data, in a simple and usable platform

Compatible Diabetes Devices

Glooko Enterprise Additional Options

Glooko EHR Integrations
Streamline Workflow And Improve Data Accessibility

Glooko One-Click

See patient’s Glooko account from the EHR with just one click

Glooko Report Summaries

PDF reports will be automatically attached to the patient record in the EHR every time a patient’s device is synced in clinic

Glooko Flowsheet Statistics

Delivers discrete data into the flowsheet of the EHR as directed by the clinic

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Billing Reports
 • Easy access to data needed for reimbursement.


Glooko Pop Health Analytics
Health system level decision making

Identify at-risk patients to provide proactive outreach

Understand real world outcomes related to diabetes and how patient populations respond to specific interventions

FDA-cleared Digital Therapeutics
Glooko Mobile Insulin Dosing System (MIDS)

FDA-cleared long-acting Insulin (LAI) dosing system

Simplify the process of titrating insulin doses between provider visits

Use insulin treatment plans that are easy to create, fast to share, and simple to follow

Get automatic recommendations for the appropriate LAI doses according to the parameters set by the clinician and patients’ synced BG readings and confirmed LAI doses

Patients receive the right dose of insulin in a supported manner in between visits

Glooko Improves Outcomes

People with diabetes that are remotely monitored using the Glooko Mobile App experience the following

Decreased Average BG*

  • 14.4% at 3 months
  • 15.4 after 6 months
  • 19.2 after one year

Increased In Range BG*

  • 17% at 3 months
  • 18% after 6 months
  • 23.7% after one year

Decreased Hyperglycemia*

  • 11.4% at 3 months
  • 13.5% after 6 months
  • 15.1% after one year

*Data on file

Privacy & Security

We are a trusted partner

  • Proactive threat monitoring to identify and respond to threats
  • Ongoing vulnerability scanning to continually improve security of the platform
  • Active availability and performance monitoring to ensure platform responsiveness and rapid response to issues
  • 3rd party objective assessments , including yearly penetration testing and cybersecurity risk assessment
  • HIPAA and GDPR ready
  • Ethical, legal, principled use of data baked into policies and culture

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