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Meet Sondra! Learn How She Shares Data with Her Doctor

Tell us about yourself. I was diagnosed at age 57 originally with Type 2 diabetes. Before my diagnosis, I was experiencing massive cravings for soda, fuzzy vision and weight loss. When I went in to see my doctor, my blood glucose level was 568 mg/dL. I was immediately started on Metformin.  The following week when  Continue Reading »

Growing Glooko through talent acquisition

I help Glooko grow. My name is Delara and I am the talent acquisition coordinator at Glooko. If you apply to Glooko, I’ll likely be the first person you speak with during your journey. I’ve been part of the team for only a short time now but it’s been an awesome experience so far. I do not  Continue Reading »

Nutrition Recommendations from a Registered Dietitian

Nutrition is extremely important for everyone, especially if you have diabetes. Some of us look at the nutrition facts on food labels and count calories, fat, carbohydrates, sugars, and protein. Some even study the ingredients to avoid artificial flavors and refined sugars. Whether you do these things or not, we all have room for improvement  Continue Reading »

Meet the Dale Tribe!

World Diabetes Day is always a reminder to recognize the strength and perseverance of people with diabetes (and the people who care for them!).  This year, Glooko is proud to sponsor a video about a day in the life of someone with diabetes with the Dale Tribe!  The Dales are a family of six and  Continue Reading »

Chatting with the Industry CDE of the Year: Roni Pagano

As a result of our recent merger with Diasend, we’re extremely excited to add incredible new members to the Glooko family. Roni Pagano, the East Coast Regional Territory Manager at Diasend, recently received the AADE Industry CDE of the Year Award and we couldn’t be more proud. I reached out to Roni to hear a  Continue Reading »

Taking on Diabetes Management: Lessons Learned by the Glooko Interns

 At Glooko, we treat our interns like full time employees – immediately submerging them into the world of diabetes management by having them begin real-world projects. At the end of their internship, interns have completed projects that are actually launched.  This summer, we welcomed four new interns to our headquarters in downtown Mountain View, California.  Continue Reading »

Impacting Diabetes in Asia, One Person At A Time

She is a mom of two kids ages 12 and 8 and a loving wife. She is an HR Specialist who works 4 days a week, a special arrangement with a supportive boss. She watches her diet and plans to get an activity tracker soon. Her motto is “Take care of your diabetes, so you  Continue Reading »