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Glooko + Diasend: Merging Customer Success!

I was walking in downtown Chicago on Michigan Avenue in negative 20 degree weather a few weeks ago on my way to a Glooko office – Glooko now has a Chicago office due to our merger with Diasend! It’s been a little over three months since we announced our merger. Our new company has been  Continue Reading »


Overview There’s a new trend shaping up in the drug pricing landscape.  Health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are pursuing value-based or “pay-for-performance” (P4P) contracts with drug makers to better connect patient outcomes to drugs for costly diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.  Unlike traditional volume-based drug pricing models, paying for “performance” means  Continue Reading »

Quest for the Artificial Pancreas

It is the closest thing to an artificial pancreas the diabetes community has ever seen and the first automated insulin system to be approved by the FDA: the Medtronic MiniMed 670G hybrid closed-loop system. Capable of automatically detecting and preventing dangerous high and low glucose levels, Medtronic’s new insulin system is being hailed as a  Continue Reading »

Glooko and Diasend Join Forces to Make Diabetes Management Easier!

Today is a very exciting day for the Glooko team!  Today, at the EASD conference in Munich Germany, we announced our merger with Diasend (read our Press Release).  We are thrilled to be joining forces with Diasend.  When we started talking about our common missions to make it easier for people with diabetes and the teams  Continue Reading »

Top 5 Reasons Why Healthcare Payers Will Go More At Risk

In a recent blog about a new government extension to the Affordable Care Act, I touched on the impact that rewarding preventative care in between doctor visits can have for people with chronic diseases. While preventative care might be looked at as a costly new fee to add to the ever-growing cost of diabetes, the reality  Continue Reading »

The Future of Healthcare is Here: CMS Launches Largest-Ever Multi-Payer Initiative

The US government did something monumental today. As an extension to the Affordable Care Act, they have put into place a new initiative that enables our doctors and health care teams to have the freedom to administer care in a way they think will deliver the best outcomes to you and me! You ask why  Continue Reading »

The One Thing That Will Have the Biggest Impact on Healthcare

Billions of dollars are spent each year on research to find the cure for thousands of diseases. This research is important, but I often think that simple things that are easier to make happen without extensive research are often overlooked. Our current health system incents and promotes limited interactions with care. We are authorized for  Continue Reading »

A New Day for Omnipod Insulin Pump Users

Early in January, Insulet announced that they are providing Glooko for free to the patients and care teams that use the Omnipod. This news is very exciting for our company as it means Glooko will be deployed to Endocrinology offices around the country as the downloading solution for Insulet’s Omnipod Insulin Pump and will be  Continue Reading »

Top 5 mHealth Predictions for 2016

At Glooko we work with some of the top Health Systems in the US on their strategies for Remote Monitoring their diabetes patients. And in my role as VP of Marketing and Customer Success at Glooko, I get to see where these organizations are investing when it comes to mHealth and also get a Birdseye  Continue Reading »

5 Reasons Why Remote Monitoring Patients is Better for Everyone

The US health system, with its roots in fee-for-service reimbursement, predominantly still incentivizes physicians and providers based on volume of in-office visits and procedures. The more you go to the doctor, the more the physicians and their groups get paid. It is economically set-up to have you go to the doctor, not to prevent it.  Continue Reading »

3 Ways mHealth-Enabled Remote Diabetes Care Improves Patient Satisfaction and Health System Efficiency

Over the last few years, a lot of buzz has been made about mHealth and its ability to revolutionize healthcare. However, deriving value from practical applications of mHealth has been challenging… Questions like a) “Do activity trackers like Fitbit or Jawbone only bring value to health conscious people?” and b) “Is there really value in  Continue Reading »

How the Affordable Care Act Will Change the Provider Mindset

I recently read the book “Reinventing American Healthcare” by Ezekiel Emanuel. It quickly became my new favorite book as Emanuel provides an amazing history of American health care dating back to the 1700’s. For someone working in the health tech industry, this history was not only informative, but provided a fascinating background that has helped us  Continue Reading »