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How to scale telehealth programs by leveraging diabetes data to identify “at-risk” patients

The expansion in reimbursement coverage for both Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services offers unique opportunities for delivering enhanced care for patients with diabetes, and many healthcare organizations are seeking to take advantage. For those organizations that are either starting or scaling virtual patient care programs, a common and recurring step in the workflow  Continue Reading »

Living with diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic: A real-world look at how people with diabetes have been impacted

Glooko users show a slight trend toward better glucose control during the pandemic. People with diabetes face a greater chance of experiencing serious complications caused by the coronavirus. To understand the impact of COVID-19 on people with diabetes, we analyzed glucose, insulin, and activity trends from users of Glooko solutions in the United States. We  Continue Reading »

How 14B diabetes data points help us make personalization better

It’s been an exciting few weeks for us here at Glooko as we continue to hit many important milestones. First, we have amassed more than 14 billion diabetes data points (14.8 to be precise) allowing us to deliver our annual benchmark, and more impactfully to provide more personalized experiences for our users. We also just  Continue Reading »

Glooko removes annual subscription for people with diabetes!

I am proud to announce we have removed our subscription fee for the Glooko mobile app – now any person with diabetes can use it for free. Glooko strives to improve the life of every person with diabetes, and removing the subscription fee is an important step in making the app as accessible as possible,  Continue Reading »

National Blood Donor Month

  January is National Blood Donor Month and while not everyone with diabetes may be eligible to donate their blood, it got us thinking of just how MUCH blood people with diabetes give to their diabetes care. According to a quick search, the human body contains 120,000 (!!) drops of blood. Depending on your type  Continue Reading »

New Feature: Barcode Scanner

A big part of diabetes management is testing and tracking your blood glucose (BG) — but without the proper context, you may never fully understand why your glucose levels are up, down or in range. There are numerous factors that can affect your glucose, and tracking your food is one step you can take to  Continue Reading »

How to Get Reimbursed from Medicare for Remote Patient Support

Clinicians who treat seniors now have a new reimbursable option that helps them get paid for providing critical support in-between patient visits. Effective January 1, 2018, Medicare approved reimbursement for Remote Patient Monitoring or as we call it, “RPM” via CPT® code 99091.   Remote patient monitoring is the use of digital technologies for collecting  Continue Reading »

Senseonics Breakthrough CGM Will Be On Glooko!

Earlier today we announced our pending integration and launch in the US with Senseonics. Senseonics’ first generation continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, Eversense®, includes a small sensor, smart transmitter and mobile application. Based on fluorescence sensing technology, the sensor is designed to be inserted subcutaneously and communicate with the smart transmitter to wirelessly transmit glucose levels  Continue Reading »

New Glooko Release Includes Best of Diasend Analytics

After over a year of development and research to identify the most insightful analytics features within the diasend® and Glooko platforms we are thrilled to have launched today a new version of our Web Application that contains some fantastic new views, reports, charts and analytics for both people with diabetes (PWDs) and clinicians. The new web application  Continue Reading »

New Feature: Connect Your Dexcom and Glooko Accounts!

We are excited to announce a new feature available with the latest version of the Glooko Mobile App (v 4.6) – Glooko can now connect directly to your Dexcom Account!  You can set up a connection in just a few simple steps.  Once done, Dexcom data is sent to Glooko automatically, no cables required! Connecting  Continue Reading »

Growing Glooko through talent acquisition

I help Glooko grow. My name is Delara and I am the talent acquisition coordinator at Glooko. If you apply to Glooko, I’ll likely be the first person you speak with during your journey. I’ve been part of the team for only a short time now but it’s been an awesome experience so far. I do not  Continue Reading »

Diversity at Glooko

I joined Glooko last October. In the past six months we have hired five full time employees and two interns who are women from diverse professional backgrounds and age groups. When we think of diversity, we usually think of gender and ethnicity. However, diversity comes in different flavors such as age, professional and personal background, religious, and sexual orientation,  Continue Reading »

Glooko Year In Review

It has been a great year for Glooko and we wanted to take a few moments to thank our users, both people with diabetes and their care teams, for being innovative and using data to improve daily diabetes decision making. As we reflect on 2015 and look forward to the New Year, we wanted to  Continue Reading »