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Clinic Upload: Support for Ascensia, Dexcom, & Trividia Devices

Designed to improve in-clinic workflow efficiency, the Glooko Clinic Upload suite allows you to upload data from 80+ diabetes devices into one platform so you can spend less time retrieving data and more time collaborating on care with people with diabetes (PWDs). The Glooko Clinic Upload suite includes the Glooko Kiosk, the Glooko Transmitter, and/or the  Continue Reading »

The Glooko ROI Calculator

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring have emerged as patient-centered strategies to deliver diabetes support and education. Through mobile and cloud technology, organizations can provide timely and convenient support to their diabetes population in between visits. Enabling nurses, coaches, or other care team members to remotely track at-risk people with diabetes (PWDs), quickly identify trends and  Continue Reading »

How Health Plans Can Improve Your Health

You are having dinner with your family or relaxing after a long day, then suddenly the phone rings. The voice on the other end is Susan from your health plan. She says, “I’m calling on behalf of your employer, we want to offer you help to manage your diabetes.” For millions of people with chronic  Continue Reading »

Glooko from a Certified Diabetes Educator’s Perspective

I have been a diabetes educator for a long time. I remember when blood glucose monitors needed to be plugged into walls and automatic lancing devices were just introduced.  Certainly, technology has come a long way since those days: insulin pumps, CGM devices, and hybrid closed loop systems.  Back then I thought better devices would  Continue Reading »

The Use of Big Data and Analytics at Glooko

Many members of my family suffer from type 2 diabetes (T2D). The disease took my grandfather’s eyesight before it took his life. My dad has been suffering with diabetes for quite some time, and having a parent with T2D greatly increases my risk for getting diabetes myself. There are some lifestyle changes that people can  Continue Reading »

New Feature: Patterns on the web, new meter support and more!

Recently we announced a new Glooko mobile app, which is packed with diabetes decision support tools to help people with diabetes to identify their diabetes patterns and trends. We’re happy to announce that the new Glooko Patterns are now also available to view in the Glooko web app, available for both people with diabetes and  Continue Reading »

”Välkommen” to Glooko – adding the first optional language to our website! visitors may have recognized an all-new feature on the corporate website that went live just last week – a language selector, located in the page footer. The very first language to be added to the overall English experience is Swedish.  This is a natural step following our merger with Diasend® last September. Diasend,  Continue Reading »

Glooko Mobile App 4.0: Better Insight into your Diabetes Trends

Trying to figure out your diabetes trends and patterns is hard. Based on feedback from our users and with the goal of making diabetes management easier, we are so excited to launch a redesigned version of the Glooko Mobile App with pattern recognition features that will tell you what time of day you frequently go  Continue Reading »

Not 1… Not 2… but 6 OneTouch Meters on Glooko Kiosk!

The OneTouch Verio® IQ helps people with diabetes understand how their insulin, meal intake and lifestyle affect their blood glucose (BG) levels. With onscreen color-coded messages and ColorSure™ technology, the OneTouch Verio® IQ tells users when they have repeated highs and lows so they can make diabetes care adjustments that work for them. The colorful  Continue Reading »

What “Consumer-Centered” Means at Glooko

As a marketer, being consumer-centered is fundamental because it means knowing and creating for your audience.  Marketers do this is by understanding the insights and needs of the consumer through various “listening” posts and then building products, messaging and campaigns based on that understanding. At Glooko, we have several different groups of consumers that we  Continue Reading »

New Feature: Now Compatible with Verio Meters on Android!

The OneTouch® Verio® meters are easy to use and give you the information you need to stay on top of your diabetes. Specifically, the OneTouch® Verio® provides helpful information at a glance, including automatic messages that provide feedback on how you’re doing. The OneTouch® Verio Flex®, with it’s compact and slim design, fits comfortably in  Continue Reading »

New Feature: Pump-Entered Blood Glucose Readings

The crowd has spoken and we have listened! We are proud to announce that Glooko users can now include pump-entered blood glucose (BG) readings in their Glooko statistics and data visualizations. *This feature is currently available on web only, but will be released for mobile in the coming months. Why did we decide to add  Continue Reading »

Insulet Provided Glooko: Answers to your Burning Questions!

If you haven’t already heard the good news, then I’m happy to share with you that Glooko is free to everyone who uses the Omnipod® Insulin Management System! The Glooko and Insulet partnership provides Omnipod® System users with the ability to see their insulin data alongside the glucose and lifestyle data coming from their CGM, glucose  Continue Reading »