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National Blood Donor Month

  January is National Blood Donor Month and while not everyone with diabetes may be eligible to donate their blood, it got us thinking of just how MUCH blood people with diabetes give to their diabetes care. According to a quick search, the human body contains 120,000 (!!) drops of blood. Depending on your type  Continue Reading »

We Learn and Understand During National Diabetes Awareness Month

Happy World Diabetes Day (WDD)! This day is a part of the broader National Diabetes Awareness Month that is celebrated globally on November 14 to raise awareness about both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. During National Diabetes Awareness Month, we focus on education and advocacy about one of the fastest growing global epidemics that  Continue Reading »

How Glooko employees learn diabetes

How does Glooko, an insights-driven digital health platform that combines mobile self-management with clinical coaching, gain insight into the world of diabetes?  How do the product managers, software engineers, and marketing folks understand a disease that varies from person-to-person? One word: empathy. Glooko employees constantly look for ways to understand diabetes: the diagnosis experience, blood  Continue Reading »

#ADA2017 #learn #share

Glooko attended the 77th American Diabetes Association (ADA) Conference in San Diego, California in early June. The ADA conference offered 13,000 healthcare professionals from all over the world the opportunity to learn and share ideas about advances in diabetes technology, research, treatment, and care. Glooko was among the technologies showcased by key opinion leaders (KOLs)  Continue Reading »

User-Centered Design Enabling Behavior Change

I am very proud to share that Glooko won the healthcare design award at Stanford Medicine X this year for our excellence in user-centered design for mobile and digital health. Although we co-design our products with physicians, certified diabetes educators, and caregivers, our mobile application is designed and developed to meet the needs of people  Continue Reading »

3 Key Learnings from ADA 2016

It was exhilarating to attend the American Diabetes Association’s 76th Scientific Sessions with more than 18,000 participants from across the globe. My multi-disciplinary training allowed me to absorb and appreciate the broad range of information presented at this event. It was not easy to distill my top three takeaways from the myriad of presentations, but  Continue Reading »

Glooko’s Innovation Story at the Advanced Technologies and Treatments (ATTD) Conference in Milan

This week Glooko will be presenting at the 8th annual  International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes in beautiful Milan, Italy. Besides fabulous art, amazing architecture and expensive hotels, Milan offers a central place for experts from around the world to come-together to discuss how technology and science is being pointed towards improving  Continue Reading »

Our Top 5 Most Interesting Learnings from IDF 2015

A group of us from the Glooko team joined 7500+ delegates from around the world this week in the city of glass, Vancouver, BC for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) 2015 meeting. Sessions, posters, exhibitions and presentations pulled together people from around the world to learn about ways to improve the outcomes of people with  Continue Reading »