How Digital Health Will Change in 2018

With changes on the horizon including updates to the Affordable Care Act and FDA regulation for medical devices, not a lot is certain in healthcare these days. However, there are two emerging trends in digital health that have the potential to significantly reduce costs and make a big impact in 2018. These two key predictions  Continue Reading »

My Two Weeks Using Glooko

“The central premise of user-centred design is that the best-designed products and services result from understanding the needs of the people who will use them” -UK Design Council I began working at Glooko this summer as the company’s first user experience researcher. User research focuses on understanding users’ behavior, needs, and motivations by talking to  Continue Reading »

Asking my dad to use Glooko

About twenty years ago, my dad called me for one of our routine, catch-up conversations. We had been speaking for some time, then very casually, he informed me that he’d been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (T2D) earlier that week. At the time, he was 51 years old and had always been a very physically  Continue Reading »

Health Plans: Using Innovation to Improve Outcomes

Health plans are the organizations that provide health insurance – if you have health insurance, you probably know if you go to the doctor or have a prescription that needs to be filled, you likely pay a small amount and your health plan takes care of the rest.  Because health plans cover most of the  Continue Reading »

4 Ways to Feel Health Creating Gratitude

We talk to a lot of people with chronic disease here at Glooko. In addition to the challenges that daily life can give us, along with political, economic and social challenges that we all can feel, chronic disease can make life particularly hard. I have always found that showing and feeling gratitude makes me personally  Continue Reading »

Meet Sondra! Learn How She Shares Data with Her Doctor

Tell us about yourself. I was diagnosed at age 57 originally with Type 2 diabetes. Before my diagnosis, I was experiencing massive cravings for soda, fuzzy vision and weight loss. When I went in to see my doctor, my blood glucose level was 568 mg/dL. I was immediately started on Metformin.  The following week when  Continue Reading »

How I celebrate my Diaversary

There are days in our lives when we honor milestones and recognize them each year. Often these milestones are limited to birthdays, weddings, and deaths. For people with diabetes, a number of us acknowledge the date of our diagnosis on a yearly basis. We call this day our “diaversary.” On October 21st of this year,  Continue Reading »

How Glooko employees learn diabetes

How does Glooko, an insights-driven digital health platform that combines mobile self-management with clinical coaching, gain insight into the world of diabetes?  How do the product managers, software engineers, and marketing folks understand a disease that varies from person-to-person? One word: empathy. Glooko employees constantly look for ways to understand diabetes: the diagnosis experience, blood  Continue Reading »

Growing Glooko through talent acquisition

I help Glooko grow. My name is Delara and I am the talent acquisition coordinator at Glooko. If you apply to Glooko, I’ll likely be the first person you speak with during your journey. I’ve been part of the team for only a short time now but it’s been an awesome experience so far. I do not  Continue Reading »

When natural disasters and diabetes collide

Natural disasters significantly affect the lives of millions of people worldwide each year. This year, we have seen our share of natural disasters in the US alone: hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and wildfires. Obviously, there are other tragedies that can be equally disastrous, but most often natural disasters are the types that unexpectedly take homes, loved  Continue Reading »

Diabetes Management Programs for Employers

Employee wellness programs are all the rave these days. They represent an employer’s investment in the social, mental, and physical health of their employee population and can help to reduce absenteeism, improve presenteeism and generally create happier employees. Specific programs differ widely across employers and include both lifestyle and chronic disease management programs. It isn’t  Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Engage Digital Health Users

Many of us in the digital health space are starting to prove that digital health solutions can impact outcomes and improve the overall health of users. While the jury is still out on which solutions will have the biggest impact and get the widest adoption. Here at Glooko, we’ve learned a lot about how to  Continue Reading »

The reality of diabetes care in the US

People with diabetes (PWDs) have medical expenditures 2.3 times higher than those without diabetes. Nearly 30 million people in the US have diabetes, and over 1.4 million new PWDs are diagnosed each year. Treating diabetes is no straightforward task – it requires people to manage their own metabolic rate, which is a 24/7/365 job. PWDs  Continue Reading »