Glooko removes annual subscription for people with diabetes!

I am proud to announce we have removed our subscription fee for the Glooko mobile app – now any person with diabetes can use it for free. Glooko strives to improve the life of every person with diabetes, and removing the subscription fee is an important step in making the app as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible.  

Supporting user choice has always been a guiding principle at Glooko, and is the reason why we are now compatible with over 180 diabetes and fitness devices globally.  We believe the devices, medications, and solutions selected to help someone manage their diabetes are decisions the individual should make with their doctor – there are many options available and people with diabetes should be able to choose whatever they feel would work best for them.  The reality is people with diabetes are often offered limited or no choice due to insurance coverage or cost, which can result in subpar management of their condition. We don’t want cost to prevent anyone who wants to use the Glooko app to be able to. If someone feels Glooko can help them better understand what is happening with their glucose levels, we want them to use Glooko.

With remote patient monitoring gaining traction, this change also has the ability to help providers improve office efficiency and provide more timely care.  Glooko helps connect providers with their patients and can give providers access to data that patients sync remotely. Visibility to this data can help providers hone in on the most important topics to cover with their patients during appointments, and enables providers to support their patients remotely between appointments.  While remote patient monitoring has been a buzzword in healthcare for years, new CPT codes that reimburse for these services means healthcare organizations can now generate revenue for remotely monitoring patients. I feel we are at the cusp of mass adoption of remote monitoring services and am excited that Glooko can help lead the way for this change.

We are thrilled to support anyone who makes Glooko their app of choice for diabetes management.  We have worked hard over the past few years to develop new and relevant features for people with diabetes and those who care for them, including trends and patterns that help users get insight into their glucose patterns, more intuitive charts and graphs, and easier ways to log data (including a barcode scanner for food).  Download Glooko today and see all the ways we can give you insights to improve your diabetes.

Russ Johannesson

Russ Johannesson is the CEO of Glooko. He is passionate about engaging people and care providers to solve the big global problems in healthcare with the goal of driving improved health outcomes, increased access to care and reduced cost to the system. In his free time, he hangs out with his amazing family and plays with his four hilarious grandchildren.