Senseonics Breakthrough CGM Will Be On Glooko!

Earlier today we announced our pending integration and launch in the US with Senseonics. Senseonics’ first generation continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, Eversense®, includes a small sensor, smart transmitter and mobile application. Based on fluorescence sensing technology, the sensor is designed to be inserted subcutaneously and communicate with the smart transmitter to wirelessly transmit glucose levels to a Senseonics app on a mobile device. After insertion, the sensor is designed to continually and accurately measure glucose levels for up to 3 months! This new, innovative CGM was recently FDA cleared and will soon be for sale (well for prescription by clinicians) in the US. It has been used in the EU for some time now and is already integrated with our platform there.

The other CGMs on the market require frequent set/sight changes. That means the user has to insert a new sensor into their skin often. Not only does this take time, but it can be painful and weaken the skin and cells in the area in which it is inserted.

Senseonics’ sensor does require a clinician to insert it, but it lasts and after the insertion does not require additional insertions until the next insertion ~3 months later. For Glooko, the integration of the Senseonics system is the first long-term sensor that will be compatible with our digital health platform. Users of what Senseonics calls “the Eversense systems” will have the opportunity to see how their glucose levels change over the long term without having to estimate the impact of frequent sensor changeovers and warm-up periods.

We are thrilled to be adding Senseonics to the cadre of devices we support (upwards of 180 devices across all of our platform products!) But we are extra thrilled because Senseonics went “out of the box” of the typical sensor experience and pushed innovation beyond what has become standard today. They looked at the user experience of current CGMs and focused on an issue (many insertions each month, skin issues, warm-up periods, etc.) and innovated.  Not only is this new way of doing CGM exciting, but it pushes the competition to innovate.

To learn more – read about our integration!


Robin Beadle