Growing my career with Glooko

I had a unique path to Glooko. I was born and raised here in Silicon Valley. Prior to Glooko, I worked in various executive assistant and office manager roles within the the semiconductor industry for over 15 years. The company that I was working for at the time was purchased and my position was eliminated.

My former manager passed my resume to Glooko’s founder, Yogen Dalal, and I got the interview for a regulatory assistant position. I knew nothing about diabetes and had no experience in regulatory or quality control processes. I just knew that I wanted an opportunity to be part of something great and meaningful. After learning more about Glooko, I knew it was something unique and special. I could relate to its mission to help people with diabetes and felt a strong connection because I have friends and family who have diabetes and I see what they go through each day. When I started at Glooko five years ago, there were maybe six or eight full-time employees – we were small but mighty!

After a short while, Glooko started to grow quickly and it wasn’t very long before I transitioned to become the office manager. During my last annual review, after five years, I expressed the desire to try something different to expand and to grow in my career. After some discussion, we thought that the marketing team might be a good place for me. We thought it could be an opportunity to use all my strengths and allow me to take on additional responsibility.

The entire company and especially the marketing team were very supportive in my transition from office manager to Associate Marketing Manager. I’m excited to help promote such an impactful product for people with diabetes and to engage more with our product, customers and overall business. Next week, I am going to attend my first conference where I will manage our commercial presence and demonstrate the Glooko platform to endocrinologists and attendees! I am truly looking forward to this challenge!

I’m grateful to have such a supportive team that helps carve paths and advocates for personal and career growth!

Erica Ceballos

Erica is an Associate Marketing Manager with a focus in event planning