Why Glooko is a part of Founder’s For Change

Last week Glooko publicly participated in the Founder’s For Change (FFC) project. Over 600 other companies, including those from the seed stage to larger public companies participated. When we were approached to speak out about our support for a diverse workplace it was a no-brainer. You see Glooko has always embraced diversity and inclusion. We consider it a competitive advantage to have people from everywhere help us to create our solutions for people with diabetes.

Diabetes affects people all over the world. 425 million adults around the world have diabetes, that’s 1 in 11 adults. There will be 629 million people with diabetes in the world in 2045. It affects every race, every creed, every country, everyone. And we believe we need “everyone” to attempt to understand it, support it, improve the life of people with it and impact it for good.

When I joined Glooko 3.5 years ago, we were 8 people in a small carriage house on a side street in Palo Alto, CA. The 8 of us were made up of people from 5 countries, multiple religions, vastly different experiences and age groups (I felt old next to my 25 year old colleagues!) We all shared one key thing – the desire to help people with diabetes. Each one of us were somehow affected by diabetes. Whether we have the condition ourselves, or an aunt, a friend, a spouse, a child or other relative has it.

Today Glooko has over 130 people and we grow every week! We have teams in California, Chicago, London, Sweden and at home in various cities in the US and Europe. I think at one point we counted that there were 30+ languages spoken by members across the team. We celebrate together like family everything from Diwali to Midsommar to Hanukkah to St. Patty’s Day. We share our traditions and most importantly our food! On any given day you can find teams sharing curries, hummus, sushi, skumkantereller or tacos.

Our diversity brings us closer and helps us to understand human experiences from different cultures. It helps us to create software that is widely applicable and usable by the broad range of people with diabetes. It naturally gives us different points of view, different personal stories of managing and living with a chronic disease and the opportunity to learn from each other.

While diversity and inclusion has come naturally to Glooko from the start, we also recognize the value it has brought to us and want to share what we’ve learned and how it has made us better. Founders for Change has brought together companies who get the value of diversity and inclusion to offer insights, experiences and resources to help other companies access this value. They started with “diversity and inclusion tips” and are sharing stories and learnings from a broad range of companies and the impact diversity has had on their companies. We are proud to be a part of and share our enthusiasm for #FoundersforChange.

Will you join us in our commitment to diversity and inclusion? We promise it will make your teams, your company, your products and your ability to reach a broader market better and more successful.

“I believe in a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. I am dedicated to having a diverse team and board, and when I have a choice of investment partners in the future, the diversity of their firms will be an important consideration.” #FoundersForChange

Robin Beadle