Living the Dream: UX at Glooko

Hello from the Glooko User Experience (UX) team! Our team consists of five designers, a user researcher and a team leader. We design how users interact with Glooko – the screens you see, the widgets you click or tap, the flows you follow. You thank us when something is easy and clear, and you curse us when it’s not.

And we are living a UX designer’s dream!

No, that doesn’t mean bottomless espresso drinks, chic office decor, and a new iPhone every week. It’s a lot better than that…

Our dream, and our reality, is that the things we design help people with diabetes get better. Before Glooko, many of them had no way to visualize how their blood glucose changes relative to medication, exercise, and foods. Now they do, and research has shown that using Glooko helps to improve blood glucose levels and estimated A1c. There is no bigger thrill, no better professional accomplishment for a committed designer, than knowing that our work improves people’s lives.

For example, the team noticed that Glooko users sometimes had trouble connecting their blood glucose meters or other diabetes devices to Glooko. We thought we could do better. So we rearranged the process, updated the screens, and created images that visually show users just what to do. Now, more users connect their meters easily, so they can see their blood glucose readings graphed in Glooko.


We’re proud of projects like that, but we have even bigger dreams. We’re working to deepen our understanding of our users — people with diabetes and their care teams — through projects like a recent ethnographic study of people with Type 2 diabetes. We’re applying human-centered design to solve complex design problems from simplifying our sign-up process to turning diabetes data into insights. We’re striving to make everything about diabetes management less of a burden for all our users.

On this path, we have some great allies in the product managers, software developers, and QA testers we work with daily. We get to talk to expert diabetes clinicians and industry leaders as well as people with diabetes. We discover user needs, propose strategies and solutions, and help to get them implemented. We get to see how our work makes a difference for real people throughout the USA and Europe. Our company is growing quickly and we’re looking to make a splash with our UX team.

That’s why we say we’re “living the dream.” Right now we’re looking for like-minded designers to join the team. If that’s you or someone you know, please visit our careers page. We can’t wait to meet you!

The UX Team: Allison, Anna, Lisa, Marianne, Sara, Sebastian, and Zach

Robin Beadle