Glooko’s Mobile Insulin Dosing System – MIDS – is FDA Cleared!

After 18 months of close collaboration with clinical experts around the world, many rounds of user experience design reviews, human factors studies, pre-market programs and feedback sessions, Glooko’s Mobile Insulin Dosing System – MIDS – has been FDA cleared. Results, including those from some these studies, can be found in an infographic recently presented at the Diabetes Technology Society meeting and available here.

So if you are new to Glooko, you might ask “what is MIDS??”

MIDS is an interactive application that helps people with type 2 diabetes titrate their long-acting insulin (LAI). Because insulin plays a role in managing metabolic rate, people don’t always take the same dose each time they use LAI, which is typically every day. The average fasting blood glucose (FBG) over the course of some days – depending on the clinician’s prescription for a specific patient – is used by that patient to compute how much insulin to take.

Yes, I said compute. Insulin requires its users to do math to determine how much to take! A chore that is often ignored or dreaded (if you are like me), and then often not adhered to, creating poor results for the people taking the insulin.

Glooko set out to make this process easier. Within our Population Tracker, we created a tool that enables clinicians to setup a “Treatment Plan” for a specific patient that describes how they should take their LAI. The clinician can then “push” that Treatment Plan to the patient right inside the Glooko Mobile App. Glooko MIDS (within the Glooko Mobile App) then takes over from there, and reminds the patient to check their blood glucose, computes how much insulin the patient should take and then reminds the patient to take their insulin. In addition to no math required for the patient, Glooko also manages reminders for both when to take insulin, when to check blood glucose and more!

A few key things make Glooko MIDS different from the rest of the pack:

  • Long-acting insulin dosing, within a diabetes management program: Glooko MIDS is the first solution offered as a part of a unified diabetes management platform which provides a complete program for diabetes management. With over 1.5M patients and used at over 7,000 provider sites, MIDS will be easy to access for people with type 2 diabetes.
  • Verified data from blood glucose (BG) meters: Glooko integrates with 95% of the BG meters on the market. By integrating directly to BG meters, instead of forcing manual data entry, users are being titrated on the verified data directly from their meter versus manually entered data, which is the case with other similar products in the market. This can improve both safety and accuracy of the insulin titration process. 
  • Strong early results: The results of a recent feasibility study were presented at the Diabetes Technology Society meeting in October 2017. Although only for a 3 week duration, MIDS showed that participants experienced some good results:
    • Mean Blood Glucose decreased on average by 18.2 mg/dL (from 163.9 mg.dL to 145.7 mg/dL; P = .046, equating to an estimated A1c reduction of 0.7).
    • Reduction in the Rate of Hyperglycemic Events: The percentage of hyperglycemic events (defined as readings >250 mg/dL) of participants decreased from 14.1% of readings to 3.2% of readings; P = 0.029 on average.
    • Long-Acting Insulin Dose: The recommended LAI dose increased by 18.7% from the initial dosage by the end of the study period (P = .013) on average.

In addition, both the clinical teams and patient’s using Glooko MIDS expressed strong satisfaction and felt MIDS helped them to better titrate their insulin.

We can’t wait for our users to start to use MIDS and are grateful for both the internal team here at Glooko and for the MANY people with diabetes and clinicians who gave us valuable feedback in our effort to bring MIDS to market!

Robin Beadle