New Feature: Connect Your Dexcom and Glooko Accounts!

We are excited to announce a new feature available with the latest version of the Glooko Mobile App (v 4.6) – Glooko can now connect directly to your Dexcom Account!  You can set up a connection in just a few simple steps.  Once done, Dexcom data is sent to Glooko automatically, no cables required!

Connecting your Dexcom Account with Glooko allows you to easily see:

  • Glucose data next to insulin and medications
  • The impact food and exercise has on your glycemic control
  • How set/site changes and suspends impact your glucose
  • And more!

Start Now, It’s Easy!

Just log in to the Glooko Web App or Mobile App and connect your account in a few simple steps.  

Glooko Web App

Go to the Settings section in your Glooko Web App and click the “Connect Dexcom Account” button. 

Enter your Dexcom account credentials and you’re connected!  

Glooko Mobile App

In the Glooko Mobile App, go to “Sync” -> “New Device” -> “Add Devices” -> “Continuous Glucose Monitor” -> “Dexcom Account”.  Enter your Dexcom account credentials to connect your Dexcom and Glooko accounts.


Once your accounts are connected, your Dexcom data will automatically sync to Glooko once an hour (keep in mind that the data in your Dexcom account has a three hour delay, so the latest data you’ll see in Glooko will be at least three hours old).

Need more details on how to connect your Dexcom and Glooko accounts?  Check out our support article!