Glooko+ for Employers

Employers that incorporate employee wellness programs into their benefits package typically witness a reduction in employee absenteeism, staff turnover, and employee stress. Accordingly, these programs, especially for chronic diseases, have grown in popularity during the last few years. Such chronic diseases as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis are among the most common and costly in the US, costing almost $3 trillion annually.  Diabetes is a chronic disease that directly impacts over 29 million people in the US. Employees with diabetes have medical expenses that are 100-300% greater than those for employees without diabetes. Studies have shown diabetes management programs have a significant impact on improving A1c and increasing patient-initiated preventative medical screenings for those enrolled.

Glooko is a leading diabetes management program that works by using the data captured by 80+ of the most commonly used diabetes devices (blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, and continuous glucose monitors) available in the US, along with food and exercise data from popular mobile apps and fitness trackers, then presenting this aggregated data to employees in such a way that they can easily understand how meals, exercise, and medication impact blood glucose levels. Algorithms highlight trends and patterns so employees understand what to keep doing and where they may need additional support.

For employers, Glooko offers the Glooko+ program that combines data analytics technology with personalized coaching to help employees better manage their diabetes. In addition to patterns and insights, employees get personalized support from real-life certified diabetes educators (CDEs), who use that same data to tailor coaching sessions to the needs of each individual employee. Access to the same data facilitates conversation between employee and coach, and allows the interaction between the two to be more targeted and time-efficient.

Since Glooko is compatible with many devices available in the US, it is the only diabetes management platform that does not force employees to switch to and learn a new device. This simple concept allows employers to provide what is on formulary, instead of spending time and money on a proprietary solution.

Finally, Glooko has a large, footprint of over 7,000 clinics that employees can leverage to streamline and further improve  their diabetes management. These clinicians use Glooko in their clinics to drive better conversations with their patients and to manage them in between appointments. Health plans also use Glooko to amplify their already-existing diabetes disease management services and better engage their population with diabetes.

This is an exciting time for diabetes management! For more information about Glooko+ reach out to