How I celebrate my Diaversary

There are days in our lives when we honor milestones and recognize them each year. Often these milestones are limited to birthdays, weddings, and deaths. For people with diabetes, a number of us acknowledge the date of our diagnosis on a yearly basis. We call this day our “diaversary.”

On October 21st of this year, I celebrated my 7th diaversary. The concept of a diaversary isn’t one that endocrinologists and CDEs teach us, but rather it is something that has emerged from the diabetes online community. There is no standard way to recognize your diaversary.

The T1D Exchange through its online community Glu, ran a question of the day about how to acknowledge the Diaversary. They found that there are three ways people with diabetes recognize their diaversary: celebration, ignoring it, and/or reflection.

I personally find myself in-between the reflect and celebrate groups. Regardless, there are four cornerstones events I do every year on my diaversary.

Scott’s Diaversary to Do List

  • Personal Reflection

Every year I take a few minutes and reflect on the month before I was diagnosed seven years ago. It wasn’t a fun time as I had all of the standard warning signs of Type 1 diabetes and felt quite miserable. I am also very grateful that I was diagnosed without going into severe Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) or falling into a coma.

  • Download my Data

In the past few years I’ve downloaded my data during my diaversary. It’s a nice way for me to see a graph of all of the hard work I’ve put in the past year to manage my diabetes. Additionally, with Glooko’s trend section I can see the best day I’ve had for the entire year and compare this year with the year prior.

  • Be Grateful for the technologies that exist

I spend some time each year thinking and reading articles about how diabetes was treated before the world of BG meters. Here is a great timeline from the ADA that outlines the progress we’ve made since 1910. It’s amazing to think that a century ago, the standard treatment for Type 1 diabetes was starvation.

  • Eat Dessert

Since being diagnosed with diabetes, I’ve been following a relatively low-carb diet. The diaversary is a day for me to splurge and treat myself to a tasty carb-filled delicious dessert. Of course I anticipate the extra carbohydrates and take insulin to cover for it.

Everyone is different in how they like to acknowledge their diaversary. With so much effort being given to  manage type 1 diabetes, it’s important to just do whatever works best for you and your lifestyle and health!