4 Ways to Feel Health Creating Gratitude

We talk to a lot of people with chronic disease here at Glooko. In addition to the challenges that daily life can give us, along with political, economic and social challenges that we all can feel, chronic disease can make life particularly hard.

I have always found that showing and feeling gratitude makes me personally feel good and the data backs it up. Studies show that feeling and showing gratitude opens the door to relationships and deepens them, can improve physical and psychological health, enhances empathy and reduces aggression, helps you sleep better, improves mental health and increases mental strength.

Below are four ways you can get in touch with the feeling of gratitude and maybe even reap the health benefits of doing so.

Write it Down

My family and I have kept gratitude journals and when we do, it is not only fun, but gratifying. Each night before bed we each share what we were grateful for that day. For my kids, sometimes it’s as simple as making it through a hard exam or having their favorite dinner, other times we recognize something one of us did for the other. On Sunday evening we read through the past week’s entries and feel appreciation.

Express it in a Group

There’s no coincidence that we put this blog out on Thanksgiving day and today or any day you sit down for a meal with friends or family provides an opportunity to both express and share gratitude. At our table it is a tradition for each of us to share what we are grateful for – good health, the fortune of being together and having a great meal, or feeling gratitude for an accomplishment achieved. At the end of the discussion there is always laughter, a few tears of joy and a wonderful feeling of fortune.

Tell a Stranger

We all get chances to express gratitude to strangers, but do we take those chances? People who might hold the door for us when we are entering or leaving a building, someone who gives you a smile as you walk down the street, presses the crosswalk signal or elevator button for you or even lets you pass them on the road. Say “thank you” or even “I appreciate that”, give them a wave and a smile. That feeling of gratitude will spread if you do this as a rule, I promise.

Offer Help

Helping others is an amazing way to have impact, feel great and express gratitude. Whether it is a simple act of helping someone to cross the street, to working in a shelter, soup kitchen or senior living home, giving the gift of time, a smile and a helping hand allows for an expression of gratitude that can both fill your soul and the soul of others.

On this Thanksgiving Day, the team here at Glooko feels extreme gratitude for getting to work together and put our efforts towards supporting those who care for or have diabetes. We know that the feelings of gratitude we have for working in this space not only has impact on others, but also impacts us each and everyday.

Robin Beadle