Growing Glooko through talent acquisition

I help Glooko grow. My name is Delara and I am the talent acquisition coordinator at Glooko.

If you apply to Glooko, I’ll likely be the first person you speak with during your journey. I’ve been part of the team for only a short time now but it’s been an awesome experience so far.

I do not have diabetes and admit that I had never heard of Glooko prior to seeing the job posting for my current role, but I believe that it was fate that I saw it. I found the role similarly to how I recruit candidates myself: through LinkedIn and networking groups on Facebook. The job and position felt perfect for me! Prior to joining Glooko, I was a healthcare recruiter for a small staffing agency for two years. Toward the end of my tenure there, I was looking to make a career change because I have always been drawn to the startup environment – especially one that solves a big problem in the world today. Although technical recruiting was initially out of my comfort zone, I was ready and excited for the challenge. One of my first jobs after college was as a data scientist at a mobile app startup, so the idea of growing with a data company had a certain allure to it because I always knew that I wanted to return to that type of environment. I now work with a group of supportive, motivated, and passionate professionals at Glooko. 

I have been accustomed to the accelerated recruiting cycle that the healthcare industry offers. As such, the interview process at Glooko is fast and efficient. In some cases, I can contact a candidate for the first time and arrange an onsite interview with the hiring manager within 24 hours. Unlike some technology or digital health companies in Silicon Valley, we can sometimes provide a full-time offer within a few days of successful interviewing.

Part of what initially drew me to recruiting was finding out what motivates people, learning about their passions, and understanding where they want to take their careers. I find it exciting that I play such an integral role in growing the company and making it possible to impact so many lives through the talent we attract. When I interview candidates, I not only ask about their experience, but also evaluate them for fit within the company. Honestly, I find myself paying more attention to whether candidates will fit into the team based on personality and if they have a deep-rooted passion for making a difference in the lives of people with diabetes. I deeply respect that these are no-fail questions for Glooko. After these questions are sufficiently satisfied and the candidate looks to have the right set of technical skills, I arrange for an interview team to further evaluate their technical ability, cultural fit, and functional competence in subsequent on-site interviews. 

Glooko is a great company and I am excited about bringing in its latest wave of talent. Visit our career page to learn more about open positions! 

Robin Beadle