Mobile App Update: Support for the Ascensia Contour Next One!

Earlier this year, we announced a global technology partnership with Ascensia Diabetes Care to bring innovation to diabetes management. This collaboration enables better access to and a deeper understanding of diabetes data to help improve the lives of people with diabetes.

 “The usability and accuracy of the Contour® NEXT blood glucose monitoring systems from Ascensia Diabetes Care is impressive and we are excited to bring this rich data into the Glooko platform to help both people with diabetes and their health care professionals manage this condition.”

                               – Rick Altinger, CEO, Glooko

Since the first version of our mobile application launched in 2011, we have supported the Ascensia blood glucose (BG) meter product line, starting with only the Ascensia (Bayer) Contour® to supporting 10+ Ascensia BG meters today. Known for its accuracy and culture of bringing state-of-the-art products to the market, we’re excited to collaborate with Ascensia as new meters become available and new technology is introduced.

Glooko is currently compatible with these Ascensia BG meters:

Previously, people who used Ascensia BG meters were able to sync their data to the Glooko Mobile App using a Glooko MeterSync Blue or a USB On-the-Go Cable. Now, it will be even easier! The Glooko Mobile App now supports integration with the Ascensia Contour® NEXT ONE for both iPhone and Android users via Bluetooth. By connecting your Ascensia Contour® NEXT ONE smart meter with Glooko, BG readings captured throughout day can be automatically synced to the Glooko Mobile App to create meaningful insights so you can see how your activities impact your BG levels – all on the go!

 How do I connect my Ascensia Contour® NEXT ONE smart meter to Glooko?

To sync data from an Ascensia Contour® NEXT ONE smart meter via Bluetooth, you will need:

  • The Glooko Mobile App (installed on your smartphone from the Apple App Store or Google Play)
  • The Ascensia Contour® NEXT ONE smart meter (the Bluetooth function on your BG meter and smartphone should both be switched to the ON position).

In the Glooko Mobile app:

1. From the Home screen, click Sync.

2. Click Ascensia Contour® NEXT ONE (if it is not already listed as an option, add it by clicking Add Device).






3. Start with your meter OFF and located within a couple of inches of your smartphone.

4. Press and hold the circular button on your meter until the meter begins flashing blue.





5. Keep your meter ON and click Next back in the Glooko Mobile App.

6. Your meter will now automatically sync data to the Glooko Mobile App when your meter is ON and near your smartphone. Click Done.





To get a more detailed breakdown of how to connect your Ascensia Contour® NEXT ONE smart meter to Glooko, please visit our Help Center. 

What’s next for the Glooko and Ascensia partnership?

We have some great things up our sleeves! Not only will we continue to support Ascensia as their new BG meters are released, but in the future, cloud-to-cloud integration will allow your diabetes data to be viewed in BOTH the Glooko Mobile App as well as in the CONTOUR® DIABETES App from Ascensia.

Want to learn more?

We’ve been in the news! Check out the Official Press Release to learn more about how we are partnering with Ascensia.

How do I get the Glooko Mobile App?

Glooko is available to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Ask your healthcare organization if you are eligible for a free or discounted subscription.



Email the Glooko Customer Success Team at or call 1-800-206-6601 (Press 1). We’re happy to help!

Sidhtara Tep

Sidhtara is a Marketing Manager at Glooko. She's interested in the intersection of technology and healthcare and how together, they can bring positive and sustainable change to people's lives.