Making a Difference in People’s Lives

Before I started working at Glooko, my knowledge about diabetes was very limited. My mother is a person with diabetes (PWD) and all I knew was that she takes a daily insulin shot. It seemed completely normal to me when I was a child. Because I also have extended family members who have diabetes, their experiences really taught me to empathize with the people I speak with on a daily basis who have it.  

During my first weeks at Glooko, I went through a few quick courses that gave me a better sense of what PWD have to live with every day. It really opened up my eyes to this community and sparked my curiosity. I feel that I’m in a good position working for this company, with so many knowledgeable people that I can turn to if I have any questions about diabetes. I can already see how our product can make a difference in the lives of those who use it.

As a Customer Success Analyst, I speak with a lot of sales reps, clinicians, PWD, and their families. Some of these calls can be challenging, but I feel the most gratification after helping a person with diabetes understand how to use Glooko and how lifestyle choices affect his/her blood glucose. Most of the calls that I receive are from people getting started and syncing their diabetes devices for the first time. A lot of these same people used to hand write their data, create a spreadsheet, and send it to their doctor. From an outsider’s perspective, that sounds very tedious and I can see how people can get really frustrated having to do this every day. I know their time is valuable and they’re looking for a quick and easy way to track and view their data. Giving Glooko as a valuable resource to patients has continued to make me proud of what I do.

One of the T-Shirts that was given to me when I started has this slogan: “We Make Diabetes Management Easier.” I have little basis for comparison on what other diabetes management is like, but using a smartphone to extract data from a diabetes device seems pretty easy to me. I know I wouldn’t want to hand write everything if I didn’t have to. Once we get through the initial learning stages and they realize how easy it is to sync their diabetes devices through their smartphone, I can hear the joy in their voice. I understand how they feel when they discover a product that makes diabetes management easier. If a little thing like helping a PWD sync their device makes their life easier, then that alone makes brings me tremendous joy.

Robin Beadle