My Glooko Internship: An Unexpected Journey

My Glooko marketing internship started a little different than most. While many with job opportunities in the Bay are excited to work for a tech company, as a person who was raised in the heart of the Silicon Valley, my expectations were lukewarm at best. I had just finished finals the previous Friday and had to say many excruciating farewells to graduating seniors. I was burned out emotionally, mentally, and physically. However, that all changed rapidly.

My perception changed on the first day, slightly after I passed the glass barrier separating Glooko from 23andMe – Glooko is a tenant in the 23andMe building. I met with my manager Teara after I arrived and she went over the projects I would be working on during the summer, but first told me to learn the product and gave me a clump of hardware that I had no idea how to use. What was all of this stuff? I downloaded the Glooko app and immediately got to work.

My exploration of the Glooko platform was my turning point. I worked at a mobile health company last summer and from my experience, I could tell that Glooko had a product I could get behind. It was easy to use, adaptable, and full of insights. I could see the product really helping people with diabetes. From that moment, I put more and more effort into my work, recovering from my post finals haze into something of a working adult. Many of the projects that were assigned to me stemmed from my previous experience as a Growth Hack intern. I created a digital dashboard for the marketing team, did research on push notifications, and helped around with various other projects that the team was working on. As I worked over the weeks, my responsibilities expanded; I went from helping out on projects to leading some of my own. I got to lead a project to redesign the direct-to-consumer purchase pages and clean the company’s leads database to improve business operations.

Initially, I was nervous working at a new company. I came in at a really busy time in the company and many people were preoccupied with their own tasks; which, gave me little space to socialize and get to know the other parts of the company. However, as more time went on, I got to work with and socialize with many parts of Glooko and realized that Glooko functioned as a team. The corporate hierarchy was still there, but it was blurred and many people collaborated together and equally on projects. Even as a marketing intern, I was able to push my boundaries and work on projects in analytics and implement change. Moving forward, I want to take the communication and analytical skills that I harnessed at Glooko into my future work. I eventually want to become a venture capitalist or a figure in the mobile health field so these skills will be valuable to me.

For those coming into Glooko for the first time, I would recommend working hard. Everybody at Glooko is driven to help people and believes that their work is making the world a better place. By working hard, you will be respecting their goals and aspirations, and more opportunities within Glooko will open up. Also, don’t forget to ask people to eat lunch with you and Lassen, the name of the couch where I do most of my work, BELONGS TO ME.

Robin Beadle