The Road That Led to My Glooko Internship

Diabetes and nutrition have always been part of my daily routine because my mom has type 1 diabetes (T1D). When I was younger, I watched her prick her finger to test her blood sugar. I gave her fruit when her blood sugar was low and operated her insulin pump when her blood sugar was high while she was driving. Living each day with a parent with diabetes really gave me a picture of what it is like to live with diabetes everyday. It also inspired me to want to do more.  

My mom always brought me along with her to various diabetes conventions and conferences. I remember sitting at a table, handing out pamphlets at a JDRF Long Island Chapter Type One Nation Summit. I thought it was fun because this event brought together people with T1D, physicians, and researchers together to share their expertise on treatment, breakthroughs in research, and the psychosocial aspects of living with T1D. Getting the chance to speak to people at these events really heightened my understanding of how diabetes impacts others and their families. It was truly enlightening.

Over time, I wanted to learn more. I went to the Children with Diabetes conference in Orlando, Florida. It was a week-long convention that provided the most important and updated information in diabetes care. There were clinicians, researchers, physicians, adults, and children all discussing and highly invested in diabetes. I met with every company there that would talk to me, I joined discussion groups, attended sessions and, the best part, I became extremely close with the friends I made there. To this day, I am still in contact with many of them.

I continued my interest in high school. I started volunteering at the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation’s banquets, where all the auctions and sweepstakes’ funds went to research. I also started helping out at the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure, the organization’s national cycling fundraising event. I wanted to make an impact on the diabetes community – through volunteering, learning and helping any way I could. On a more local level, I helped organize and manage the Ricky Herman Memorial Symposium on Long Island, a group that creates better education around the social and psychological issues faced by children with diabetes. After each event, I realized how much I enjoyed making an impact in the diabetes community. All of these events, in addition to my mom’s history of T1D, have made me become more passionate about diabetes.

I study integrated marketing communications in college, which gives me opportunities to work in social media, blogs, event planning, and public relations. A few months ago, I learned about Glooko and started doing research on the company. I was in awe of Glooko’s mission: to make diabetes management easier, mainly because it was similar to my personal mission. I want to better educate people with diabetes and be as close to the diabetes community as I was when volunteering. Working in the marketing department at Glooko allows me to help many people with diabetes, like my mom, as well as earn experience in what I want to do in the future as a career. I get to help spread the message of this great company to people with diabetes and to the many friends with diabetes that I have made along the way! I am helping people like my mom, someone who truly inspires me to continue forward on this path.

Robin Beadle