How Health Plans Can Improve Your Health

You are having dinner with your family or relaxing after a long day, then suddenly the phone rings. The voice on the other end is Susan from your health plan.

She says, “I’m calling on behalf of your employer, we want to offer you help to manage your diabetes.”

For millions of people with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, or COPD, this is a very common experience. More and more health plans are investing real resources to better support members with chronic conditions.

If you’ve received one of these calls, you may have noticed that the coach, who is likely a nurse or diabetes educator, usually does not have enough information about you to be fully engaging during the call. In most cases, the coach is looking at past medical appointments, possibly previous conversations, or prescriptions that may be months old. In the absence of any real insight or personalized next steps, these phone calls can be awkward and uninspiring. You might even be suspicious of what they are trying to do.

The reality is they really want to help, and now, with Glooko, they have the data to do so!

What if the coach calling you not only had access to your blood glucose data from your meter, pump, or CGM, but also your insulin regimen, diet, carb intake, and even your step count? It sounds a little “big brother,” but what if their charter was to use that data to get you the prescriptions you need, to offer you advice, to help you navigate the system?

While sometimes it seems that health plans are working against us, the reality is that getting you the help you need for your chronic disease in between doctor visits helps them and you! Studies show that remote support from someone like Susan can prevent you from having clinical incidents, can help to de-escalate your worsening of glucose levels and also give you education to help you with the daily decisions you encounter.

A win, win

So what’s in it for them? If they provide you with this extra help and you do require less acute medical care, it does ultimately cost them less. They save money and you get extra support.

Despite everyone’s best intentions, sometimes we fail to monitor trends the way we should or reach out for help when we need it, so it never hurts to have someone in your corner looking out for your health!

Where Glooko Fits In
Glooko’s digital health platform can play a big role in enabling health plans to support you. Today, Glooko is actively working with health plans and employers across the country to provide you with our Mobile App so you can track and learn more about your diabetes. We also enable coaches with a view of your data that allows them to provide you support on-demand, which means you get more timely and relevant guidance. I hope that one of our programs will be in your area soon!