Why I am Excited About Working at Glooko

I grew up in the Western Ghats of South India, where communities were close and people provided care to each other. Witnessing this increased my interest in healthcare and influenced me to take medically-related courses during my studies. However, like many Indian students, I found myself graduating with a computer engineering degree.

After working at an IT organization in India, I married and moved to California. I decided to care for my newborn son and spend the early years with him instead of working and sending him to daycare. After a few years of not working, and having only a few years of experience, getting back into the workforce was hard. Fortunately, I was able to gain experience through an internship that helped me learn valuable lessons in Quality. I applied to Glooko and felt very fortunate to have accepted a position with the company.

I get a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment in doing my daily job in Quality, having seen my father’s side of the family struggle with diabetes, having limited knowledge of the disease or access to proper medication. At Glooko, our software and data helps patients and medical professionals make critical inferences and recommend solutions that impact millions of lives daily. Those who work in the Quality profession need to see beyond customer satisfaction and understand the impact they can have on the daily lives of the people who use their products. Our products and services must work as intended, so Quality shoulders increased responsibility to ensure an accurate and compliant product and is also critical in guarding patient safety and privacy.

Every patient hopes that medical science innovation will help them see a better day. On these hopes, they learn to trust the professionals, medicines and products they use everyday. The quality and reliability of these medical systems, services, and products have played a vital part in upholding that trust.

I am excited to work with a responsible and cheerful set of engineers committed to quality at Glooko!

Robin Beadle