How I use the New Glooko App as a Person with Type 1 Diabetes!

A lot has changed since I joined Glooko nearly two years ago. Back then we only supported blood glucose meters and our mobile platform was optimized for those devices. Today Glooko supports insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems, Bluetooth meters have become the new norm, and we are entering the age where insulin delivery devices (pens & insulin pumps) will automatically be sending data to apps on smartphones!

We recognized at Glooko that we needed to redesign our mobile app to ensure that our product is highly relevant and fits the current landscape of diabetes devices. Our team has worked diligently to create a user-friendly mobile app to meet the needs of our consumer base which includes thousands of users (including myself) who use Glooko as their platform to monitor and manage their diabetes.

I have been actively involved with our product team to provide feedback and suggestions from my perspective as Scott, the 26 year old Omnipod® System and Dexcom user with Type 1 diabetes. I’d love to share some of the new app’s unique features that help me manage my diabetes.

Useful Home Screen with Patterns, Trends, and Emojis

In the previous Glooko app, I didn’t spend much time on the Home screen. I only used it to sync. That has all changed with the new Glooko app!

I now go to the new Home screen to get a nice snapshot of what is going on with me today. I can view not only my blood glucose levels, but can also see my daily exercise, insulin, and food as well as recent events. I’ve used this section routinely to see how much insulin I’ve taken on a given day!

Throughout my tenure at Glooko, I’ve talked with many of our users and health system partners about the “Glooko AHA moment.” This moment happens when I look at my data and identify a distinct pattern through analyzing our graphs. We have debuted a new section on the Home screen called Patterns. Thanks to Patterns, I can easily recognize trends in my blood sugar. In fact, Patterns spells it out in words without me having to do the analysis!

Personally, I glance at the Patterns section routinely to see if I am triggering any specific blood sugar trends. It has already alerted me to a few rough spots in my weekly glucose levels. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the information it can provide in keeping stable glycemic control. I hope you will give it a try!

Beneath Patterns, I can then scroll down from the main home screen to access the Trends section. Trends is my favorite section of the new mobile app. Here is where Glooko continues to move beyond the number and provide me very valuable insights!


I can view Trends on both the Home screen and in the Trends section of the app within Graphs. There are a couple reasons why I love Trends:

#1: Valuable Feedback

I am a big believer in that positive reinforcement and encouragement combined with some constructive criticism can lead to true behavior change. However, the only time I might get some  “feedback” occurs at my doctor’s appointment. With our new mobile app, Glooko provides me with some extraordinarily valuable feedback with the Best Days and Comparison section on a timely basis.

Best Days is where I can see my best day of the week based on the time I’m in range. It was pretty cool for me to see that over the past two weeks my best days were Fridays! I’ve been working hard on improving my blood glucose levels on Fridays and was great to see my hard work paying off!

Comparison is where I can see how I’m doing compared to a previous time period. I can quickly see if I am having more Highs, Lows, or how my average glucose level has changed. The other cool part of this section is the corresponding emoji and more positive re-encouragement. It’s another area where I am no longer looking at just graphs and data, but feedback that makes it easy for me to understand and makes sense!

Here’s an example of what Comparison looks like:

To manage my Type 1 diabetes, I exercise regularly, take insulin, and eat a relatively low carb diet. These three items are key factors in my diabetes management, yet the old mobile app didn’t have summary data for them. However, this has all changed with the new mobile app!

Within the Trends section, I can view my summary insulin, exercise, and food graphs. Here I can easily see how much I exercised yesterday or how many carbs I ate last week! I can simply swipe on this graph to toggle between each of these three metrics.

Designed to Sync Multiple Devices

The new Glooko app is designed to make it easy to sync multiple devices. I personally have an Omnipod® System PDM, Dexcom G5, a Freestyle meter, and a OneTouch UltraMini meter. It’s often hard for me to keep track of which devices (especially the meters) I’ve recently synced to Glooko. I have wished for a place within the app that I can check which devices are currently connected/when the last sync occurred per each device.

The Glooko product team heard my feedback, as well as others, loud and clear and created a brand new Sync screen. When I click on Sync, I am brought to a page that allows me to see my connected devices, see the last time each was downloaded, and sync each device. In the past, I’d have to switch the designated device within Glooko during each sync. This subtle improvement has made my syncing drastically easier.

I’m excited that the new mobile app is finally available for our user community and the public. It sets a new standard in the industry and is a great tool to help each of us stay healthy. It’s been extraordinarily helpful for my personal diabetes management. I know you will agree with me once you have experienced the new Glooko mobile app.